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  1. klcmcse

    7.3L Godzilla Swapped Turbo S-197 Mustang Drag Car | What's Not To Love???

    somebody with the same intentions will get a oil pan figured out!! oB
  2. klcmcse

    Next-Gen NASCAR Mustang Has a Familiar Face

    Nascar, Ford and other manufacturers are cookie cutting the cars. I don't watch anything but rally. oB
  3. klcmcse

    Ford Performance Powered 2020 EcoBoost Mustang Cranks out 330 HP and 350 TQ

    Build that 4.6l and boost it and that will stop..17 yr old 100 ft dual black marks. oB
  4. klcmcse

    Spy Shots—’20 Shelby GT500 - Race Red in the Wild

    You can bet long the Dealers will command a $20-25K Premium for the first ones, happens every time a new model hits.. I found a 2014 GT500 for sale @ a dealership, will not budge off of sticker. it's been dusted off so much, probably has spider web scratches in the clear coat....oB
  5. klcmcse

    Livernois Motorsports | Cylinder Head Porting for the Serious Power Addict

    If you are going for a Stage 1 port job, If you put a dummy valve stem in the guide and use a roto-tool air drive grinder or an electric long shaft, you can get pretty impressive results. I learned porting heads from the Roush Yates engine performance book and my Father who was a serious engine...
  6. klcmcse

    Who doesn’t Want boost

    WTB a set of Siemen Deka 80lb thank you
  7. klcmcse

    Best upper lower to reach 25 ilbs boost on 2.9 whipple

    IWTB a set of Deka injectors. Thank You
  8. klcmcse

    Best upper lower to reach 25 ilbs boost on 2.9 whipple

    I need a of 80# injectors, If you or know some one. Thanks
  9. klcmcse

    Looking for good deals on parts listed.

    I am looking for some Siemens Deka 80# injectors. Thank you
  10. klcmcse


    Some bits and a few stickers for an extra $8 to $10K, no performance.... oh and they will be serialized. I think if I were buying one it would be on a supercharger and some sticky tires and aero to make it GO! oB
  11. klcmcse


    600hp AWD Ford Focus RS RX Rallycross Car 0-60 MPH in under 2 seconds , then they mod them to go faster.....pretty sure they they will smoke anything else Ford makes, even the GT with the ridiculous application process, " Lets see if you qualify to buy our overpriced 6 cylinder...." There is a...
  12. klcmcse

    Shaker radio

    do you still have the shaker 500 am/fm/cd and the head unit (heated seats)?? Thank you, oB
  13. klcmcse

    FS: factory boss 302 dash and radio

    Hi! you still have the shaker 500 and the unit behind the dash plate: w/ heated seats????
  14. klcmcse

    WTB: 2011-2013 shaker 500

    my '12 GT's radio/ single cd just stopped working. Any advice or take out nice shaker 500 w/ heated seats (maybe someone upgraded to a hot new stereo). Thanks oB 817-723-9386
  15. klcmcse

    Opportunity Cost | What Did We Miss-Out-On Because of the GT350's FPC 5.2L VooDoo V8?

    Now lets talk about the rods coming out and leaving a nice window in the block and overheating on the track....I like my 5.4 pretty well, sometimes I just go into the garage and look at it.....My wife calls my GT500 "the other woman" be it. TGIF oB
  16. klcmcse

    Power by the Hour- The Real Deal.

    Throw Lethal Performance into the AVOID column. oB
  17. klcmcse

    Help! shaker 500 radio just quit working

    2012 Mustang GT: anybody got any ideas, checked fuses, wiring, A/C heater still works.. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  18. klcmcse

    Problem with rubbing - 305/35r20 on 2013 GT

    why does everybody want to run a heavy 20" wheel/ and those 20" shoes weigh in like a top tier boxer. Almost all 18" are lighter and if you must increase tire width, I have seen 295's on the rear axle that cleared just fine: now the kicker is the Mustang had Ford racing suspension, almost stock...
  19. klcmcse

    Fitment Issue with Lethal Performance H-Pipe (new style)

    Face the Music Lethal your Customer Service sucks and everything I priced is overpriced compared to the market. I will not buy anything else from you or UPR....oB
  20. klcmcse

    Failsafe back!!! 2008 gt500

    where you at?? you could borrow mine, Still got it for a return to stock if I find a toy that tickles my ribs like my modded '08. That's gonna take a LOT, the garage queen I have now is a really good fit and I hate buyers remorse really bad...oB
  21. klcmcse

    Failsafe back!!! 2008 gt500

    If my CEL for Swapping Lean banks comes up again, I will start chasing it with carb cleaner and make sure it's not a crazy hard to find vacuum leak. it has worked before on a tough to find leak, I also understand from many hours of reading it could be my battery connections/battery, so I will me...
  22. klcmcse

    Whatever happened to the gt500 Code Red?

    I had not yet acquired my '08 GT500, but it is very expensive and Reher-Morrison Racing Engines builds a great powerplant. If I were to go down that road it would be from another great engine builder, NOT NRE or SA. IMHO they ain't worth the premium. oB
  23. klcmcse

    L&M NIB plenum elbow plenum for FS

    If it is is port matched and upsize the TB, the elbow works terrific, original John Lund Design. I went another direction. Hence NIB and plenty of info on the net about this unit. The porting is immaculate...I run the L&M 66MM TB/ JLT Carbon Fiber 127MM Cai right now and it has been flawless...
  24. klcmcse

    L&M NIB plenum elbow plenum for FS

    '07-'2012 sorry 'bout the delayed response been a bunch busy with work and my wife's health- hope you understand. Thanks , Kevin
  25. klcmcse

    WTB 07-12’ GT500 Blowers/Elbows (M122) ***NEW PRICE - $300**

    ahh the internet keyboard judges, all chime in when you don't have the facts and someone gets screwed over, yeah I remember when I got shafted on Like new wheels that had been curbed and a bunch of you piled on WITHOUT any information......