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  1. SVT F15O

    F/S: Powder coated(wrinkle black) oil cooler and oil filter adapter.

    Both removed from a good motor and powder coated for a project that never got finished. Just sitting at my shop with no use for them. $140 shipped for both. Call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  2. SVT F15O

    F/S: Powder coated(wrinkle black) alternator brackets.

    Had these done for a project that never got finished. Just been sitting around the shop. $115 shipped. Call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  3. SVT F15O

    F/S: Powder coated(wrinkle black) lower intake manfold.

    Had this done for a project that never got finished. Been sitting around my shop so it has gotten a little dirty but it was never installed. $325 shipped. Call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  4. SVT F15O

    F/S: 4.6 DOHC powder coated valve covers(blue).

    SOLDI had these done for a project that never got off the ground. The are a very bright/light blue. They have been sitting around the shop so they may have a little dirt on them here and there. I removed the baffles and bushings when I sent them off and have no idea where they are here. They are...
  5. SVT F15O

    F/S: Auxilary(snub) idler pulley/bracket

    100mm pulley. Been laying around the shop. Doing a lot of cleaning as I am moving. No hardware(2 bolts). What you see if what you get. $70 shipped. Call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  6. SVT F15O

    F/S: Stock Eaton Supercharger.

    SOLD Came off a 50,000 mile part out. Good condition. Has a smaller pulley. One broken intercooler bolt. $365 shipped. 203-507-398SEVEN SOLD
  7. SVT F15O

    F/S: Set of airbags and moduel.

    Scuff on the driver airbag. Good condition otherwise. $325 shipped. 203-507-398SEVEN Driver airbag and module are sold. Passenger airbag: $100 shipped
  8. SVT F15O

    F/S: Radio bezel trim and switches.

    SOLD Good condition with some slight wear near radio location(left side). $70 shipped. 203-507-398SEVEN SOLD
  9. SVT F15O

    F/S: ACCEL Super Coils

    SOLD Came out of a good running motor from a wreck I parted. $100 shipped. 203-507-398SEVEN
  10. SVT F15O

    F/S Power steering reservoir bracket and reservoir. I have 2 brackets.

    SOLD Used but good condition. $75ea shipped. $40 shipped for the reservoir. 203-507-398SEVEN SOLD
  11. SVT F15O

    F/S: Shifter bezel. I have 2.

    SOLD One is missing the rubber grommet up top. Both are in good condition. Asking $80 shipped each. 203-507-398SEVEN SOLD
  12. SVT F15O

    F/S: Ford Racing blue valve covers.

    SOLD! These came off of an Aluminator. NOT mint! They have a few nicks and scrapes. A few stains from dirty hands. I gave them a quick cleaning for the picture. I'll be popping the bushings out before shipping unless other arrangements are made. $230 SHIPPED takes them. Call/Text...
  13. SVT F15O

    F/S: Auxiliary idler pulley(snub)

    I just found this while cleaning up around the shop. Dirty from sitting but looks close to new(little to no wear on the belt surface). 100MM pulley. I don't have hardware for it. $60 shipped. PM me or call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  14. SVT F15O

    F/S: 4 and 6lb lower pulley rings.

    Both are used and it shows. $60 shipped for the 4lber(silver). SOLD $75 shipped for the 6lber(black). SOLD PM me or call/text: 2O3-5O7-3987
  15. SVT F15O

    F/S: Gen 2 Lightning wheels/tires

    I've had these wheels sitting around for a while now. Doing some shop clean up. Came on a roller I purchased. They were rattle canned by the previous owner(NOT PERFECT). Tires are Hankook Ventus ST 295/45-18 No center caps. Asking $550obo SOLD! Located in West Haven, CT. Local pickup is...
  16. SVT F15O

    F/S: Stock, OEM hood vents. USED

    SOLD! Pulled these off a wrecked hood. They are in good shape. $45 shipped. Call/Text: 2O3-5O7-3987 SOLD!
  17. SVT F15O

    F/S: '03-'04 Cobra swap components. Power coated wrinkle black.

    Title and pictures pretty much say it all. I had this stuff powder coated for a build I was doing but I pulled the plug on it. Asking $1050 for all of it and I'll cover shipping at that price(lower 48). I will separate, please PM me with what you want and an offer. I have other swap parts that...
  18. SVT F15O

    F/S: Metco Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit

    Item is used and has been laying around my shop for a while. Looking at pictures online and comparing to a brand new LFP kit I have here I am pretty certain everything is there. The bolt for the idler pulley is just not pictured. I also have a stock idler pulley if needed I can throw in. I can...
  19. SVT F15O

    F/S: Auxiliary idle pulley(snub)

    I am unsure of brand, it is used. Has a 100MM pulley that looks to have the Steeda logo on it. $75 shipped. 2O3-5O7-3987
  20. SVT F15O

    F/S: 2 Magnflow IRS catback systems and an off-road X(CT)

    WILL NOT SHIP! I have 2 systems removed from vehicles I parted out. They are dirty and the mufflers have some scrapes dents from bottoming out. Located in West Haven, CT 06516 $275ea. 2O3-5O7-3987 Also have an off-road x-pipe for $75.
  21. SVT F15O

    F/S: Moroso engine oil pan.

    Was bolted to a motor but never ran. Gasket included. Has a few scrapes and dings from the motor being moved around but overall in good shape. Part # 20546 $205 shipped. 2O3-5O7-3987
  22. SVT F15O

    F/S: '03-'04 timing covers(I have 2)

    SOLD! One is used with about 50k on it. The other was new and just bolted a motor but never ran. $130 shipped for the used one(SOLD). $180 shipped on the new one. 2O3-5O7-3987 SOLD!
  23. SVT F15O

    F/S: 2007 Trailblazer SS AWD CHEAP

    It has some miles: 181k 1 owner, clean/clear title truck. 3SS model that is fully loaded with NAV(needs a disc) and rear entertainment. AWD. Brand new tires. Has wear and tear for the miles but overall a straight truck. Starts, runs, drives, shifts exactly as it should. I was told the...
  24. SVT F15O

    Pro Race SFI Balancer

    SOLD Good used. Was on a motor for about 100 miles. Was machined for a double key-way. Has some scuffs on the face from handling. $150 SHIPPED. Call/Text: TWOZEROTHREE-5O7-398SEVEN SOLD
  25. SVT F15O

    F/S: Fresh Teksid 302 stroker shortblock.

    The story: My buddy had this motor built by JDM for his Terminator. Oil got contaminated but he caught it VERY early. Never lost pressure. He had an external cartridge filter so he noticed the contamination quickly. He immediately pulled the engine and it sat for a while. He sold his car as a...