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  1. SWThomas

    Time for a New Old Debate - Opinions on Aftermarket Ignition Coils?

    When I still had my Lightning I tried the MSD coils and didn’t have any issues. But I ended up back with the OEM ones just for the reliability piece of mind.
  2. SWThomas

    Questions for the computer gurus

    Well, I'm just about fed up with my current computer situation. I have a Dell Dimension E310 (Old I know) and it's getting slower by the day. Here's a few questions I have for you computer savvy SVT owners out there. - What's some good security software that isn't a memory hog? Anti-Virus...
  3. SWThomas

    Any muzzleloader owners in here?

    I'm just trying to see if there are any other muzzleloader owners on this forum. I'm really big into in-line muzzleloaders. I just picked this one up on Saturday... It's a Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor. IMO (and a lot of serious in-line owners) the best in-line there is. And here's...
  4. SWThomas

    Do you support hunting? If not, maybe you should.

    I'm not a college kid or an English major, so please don't slay me if my grammar isn't up to your standards. I wrote this the other day when I was bored at work. My step mother is anti-hunting and I wanted to write something to help convince her that it's not what she thinks it is. I know when...
  5. SWThomas

    Your hunting methods

    I'm not trying to turn this into a hunting forum, but there seems to be a lot of hunters in here. I'm not asking you to reveal your honey-holes, just share some tips, tricks, techniques that work for you. Like using a tree stand, ground blind, still hunting, using scents, using attractants, boot...
  6. SWThomas

    Hunters: I need your opinions on what caliber rifle I should buy

    So I'm in the market for a good deer rifle. I'm seriously considering the Remington Model 770 because it comes with a factory mounted scope that's already boresighted. That's just one less thing I would have to do. It's relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of calibers. I'm basically...
  7. SWThomas

    GA Hunting

    So I've decided to get into hunting. I've been hunting before, but that was hog hunting with 2 dogs and a knife. I bought myself a Remington 11-87 12 Gauge Sportsman Super Magnum on Saturday. It's the perfect shotgun for me and is very versitile. Right now it's set-up for water fowl and upland...
  8. SWThomas

    SC Hunting

    So I've decided to get into hunting. I've been hunting before, but that was hog hunting with 2 dogs and a knife. I bought myself a Remington 11-87 12 Gauge Sportsman Super Magnum on Saturday. It's the perfect shotgun for me and is very versitile. Right now it's set-up for water fowl and upland...
  9. SWThomas

    Internet/Text Junkies: Please translate all these popular "words"

    I'm creating this thread so all you guys who use these things you like to call words explain what they mean. I've already stated my position on how stupid I think it is to intentionally misspell a word, but as long as I'm going to be a member of any forum I guess I have to accept it. So I need...
  10. SWThomas

    Help me buy a shotgun for hunting (Duck & Deer)

    So I'm finally going to get into hunting. Mainly ducks and deer. I use to hunt hogs but we never used a gun and it wasn't legal.... A couple of co-workers and I are working out all of the logistics and slowly accumulating the equipment we will need. I'm going to the Bass Pro Shop in Savannah...
  11. SWThomas

    A funny political video with some truth to it
  12. SWThomas

    Got sent the wrong tonneau cover. Who has a Lund Seal & Peel?

    So I ordered a Lund Genesis Snap Tonneau Cover from The box arrived today and it's a Lund Genesis Seal & Peel Tonneau Cover. It sucks that a company who specializes in truck parts can't even get a simple order right, but hey, I understand that mistakes are made. I don't mind...
  13. SWThomas

    The North Face

    So I was shopping at Bass Pro Shops in Savannah yesterday and I come across some of The North Face stuff. I'm really impressed with the quality of their stuff and the style. I had been looking for a new rain jacket so I starting looking at some of their stuff. I ended up dropping $200 on a...
  14. SWThomas

    Who's seen "Eagle Eye"?

    I'm planning to go see this movie today. It looks like it should be pretty good considering the amount of quality actors it has in it. Who's seen it and what do you think?
  15. SWThomas

    A good friend of mine got shot in Iraq

    So I received a text message from my buddy Stan on Saturday. It said, "Hey man I got shot. I'm at Bethesda right now." So naturally I'm concerned. I send a reply and told him to call me ASAP. He called last night and we spoke for about an hour. He sounded horrible and I could tell he was drugged...
  16. SWThomas

    Some pics of my new truck

    I sold the Lightning last Saturday and decided to go with something a little more family oriented. I picked up my brand new Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited 4X4 yesterday. I am totally in love with this truck!:rockon: Not only can it haul an ass-load, it's also very luxurious inside. It has...
  17. SWThomas

    CBS didn't stop him..... This is great!!!

    Andy Rooney said on '60 Minutes' a few weeks back: I don't think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss...
  18. SWThomas

    Set of G-Force Racing Gear. All or just pieces

    I'm selling my entire set of G-Force Racing Gear. I have a jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, foam collar, hood, full length undershirt and underpants, socks, and boots. I still have the original boxes for the pants, jacket, helmet, and boots. The undergarments and hood have never been worn. The...
  19. SWThomas

    iPhone Owners: Firmware 2.1 was released today along with iTunes 8.0

    This is the update a lot of us have been waiting for since 2.0 was released. 2.0 came with a lot of bugs and Apple basically pulled a "Microsoft" like they did when Windows Vista was released. They released 2.0 and let us tell them what all the issues were instead of figuring it all out before...
  20. SWThomas

    I never thought the day would come...
  21. SWThomas

    FS: 2003 Fully Built Lightning with all kinds of extras

    I never thought the day would come but I've decided that it's time to let my baby go. I've decided to give my SVT brothers and sisters the first opportunity at this awesome truck before resorting to eBay or Auto Trader etc... Most of you Lightning guys and gals know me from the Gen2 forum and...
  22. SWThomas

    How much do you think my Lightning is worth?

    A lot of you guys know the history of my Lightning and what all I've done to it. I'm not currently thinking about selling it but I was just curious as to how much I could get for it if I ever decided to. What do you guys think???
  23. SWThomas

    Help me pick my next truck (Diesel)

    My Lightning will finally be paid off in a few months and I really want to get a diesel truck when it is. I want a diesel primarily for it's functionality. I'll be able to tow my truck and also haul/tow anything that may come along. I don't really know a lot about todays diesel trucks so I was...