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    Car Truck Nationals.

    Is anybody planning on attending Carlisle this weekend? I will be coming up Saturday morning.

    Mustangweek 2015 was a blast. Start planning ahead for 2016.

    I cannot thank Travis enough for all that he did in getting Lightnings included in Mustangweek this year. We had the highest number of Lightnings present this year over any other prior year. 9 trucks might not sound like a lot but, in a sea of endless Mustangs... It's a lot for a last minute...

    2003 Lightning "Street" setup in the 10's.

    Truck made 5 consecutive 10.8/10.9 passes. Best pass of the weekend was a 10.94 deep stagged. (Not the deep stage run): Full street weight with absolutely no weight reduction (5000lb's dead). Nitto NT05 Drag Radials. The truck is configured just as I drive it on the street aside from the...

    Over kill stealth fuel pump switch for pumping out your tank.

    Before I go any farther, this write up is solely intended for people that go to the track and have to drain out their fuel when they get there or before they leave to drive home. I also completely understand that this idea is more than over thought and when it comes down to it... it's really not...

    HOW-TO replace an idler/tensioner pulley bearing..

    If you have a press that would be the best method for replacing a bearing. If not, this method will work for you. This procedure will work on any style pulley. Aftermarket or stock pulley. I'd be careful with double bearing pulley's though. Replacing a $10 bearing is a lot better than...

    Work Prank of the week...

    Nevermind folks. Sorry bout that. Youtube pulled the vid due to content.

    Looking for one 03-04 wheel

    I'm going to widen yet another set of wheels and I need to get one 03-04 stock wheel for a spare. It's going to be a spare so, as long as it is straight.. I'm not that worried about the finish. First time that you will hear that curb rash is alright. :dw: Please PM me if you have anything...

    Hey Kyro-Genik

    Happy Birthday Mike!!!

    So frickin glad that i didn't drive my truck to work!!!!

    Okay. Long story made short. Old man comes into my dealership to buy a brand new Lincoln Town Car. He hops in the drivers seat with his wife in the back and backs out of the parking spot and he puts it in drive. He thought his foot was on the brake so when the car started to go faster he...
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    Navigator Fuel Filter Bracket install

    Yes, it has been done before and most people just wire tie the filter to the EVAP line. I did some research at the request of some other members and I found this cheap solution. Ford part number: YC3Z-9180-CA (it's just the bracket) There are not many brackets left in Fords...
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    Springtime Mods for Princess (Foreman)

    Well Princess has been bugging me to work on her truck all winter and I finally had some free time. Since she doesn't have a camera I took some pics for her to post up. She went all out with the wheel selection. My god these things are expensive. But they look good. Big fat lip on...
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    Quick/funny driving video...

    I was bored. What else can I say??:shrug: YouTube - Project Stupid: Mountain Driving If you ever get a chance to take a day trip up and down the Blue Ridge, I highly recommend doing it.
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    Got to do some driving yesterday.......VID

    It's my first time trying to make a movie so "be gentle". I really need to get a better video camera. This little cannon coolpixs camera just ain't cuttin it. YouTube - Project Stupid: Break In Driving
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    Project Stupid Pics and Vids

    Not the actual first start up, but the first start up on video. YouTube - Project Stupid First Fire Up. I kept telling myself that I should take pics as the build progressed but I just kept on grabbing more pieces to install. I should have paid someone to just walk by and take pics of what...
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    Project Stupid Update

    Well, for some damn reason I just cannot seem to stop with this thing. The engine is going in on Thursday and for some damn reason I decided to do a little more work "while I was in there". Started with this yesterday morning: Ended up with this today...
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    High idle and no Check Engine light.

    Heres some free advise that you didn't ask for. If for some reason you get a high idle and no check engine light present on your SVTF, run the codes and see if you get code P1121 or P1124 in memory in the PCM. If you do see those codes change out your TP sensor. I ordered a sensor and...
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    Hey JohninMD..............

    You said you wanted it done by Christmas.......... Well.......................... Console is done............ Map pockets and one piece back panel are covered in...