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    FS: 04 Cobra Vert- Triple Black, 40k miles, $22,500

    morning, Where are you in California?
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    03 Sonic Blue convertible

    beautiful car, any dyno numbers with the ported blower?
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    2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 10th Ann Silver Vert

    good morning, any engine bay pictures????
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    2003 anniversary coupe

    $28-31K USD
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    03 oxford white cobra convertible

    481 or 581 torque?
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    Let's Talk About Knives

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    The Terminator Cobra

    Nice, I would have muted the music for intital start up... but great video.
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    2004 Cobra dyno

    Beautiful car congratulations
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    Thinking about a ZR1

    I have a centennial, best car choice I ever made. No brained ZR1
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    Damage at Moms house

    That's what home owners insurance is for, plus on her visitation weeks she should watch your kid better. I'd tell her to pack sand ...
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    Where did you buy your ARH ?

    PM'd you
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    Where did you buy your ARH ?

    Directly from them.
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    Any prior military? Debating staying in or getting out?

    I've been in 24 years, made MCPO in 16 years, cost me a marriage. I wish I would have spent more time with my kids. If you're finiacally secure, I say roll. There is a lot of contractor jobs that will hold you over until federal employment is an option, if you choose that. 30 years old is the...
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    What tires pressure

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    Steggy stage 7 and t body

    What kind of HP Did your car make with this ported blower and supporting mods.
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    2003 10th Anniv. 25k miles Black, very few mods. $26.5k Tacoma, WA

    Nice car, you need to post a picture in IAW rule #7
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    03 Crank no start

    TPS ?
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    97 Viper GTS - 700RWHP/RWTQ

    Very nice, GLWS
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    2003 Cobra

    Try the intro forum for better results.....
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    03 DSG

    Anymore pics? Needs rule #7....
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    2003 Silver Coupe

    Do you have a dyno sheet?
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    2013 GT500 minor bolt-ons - 711 rwhp

    Do you have a dyno sheet?
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    2014 Shelby GT500 Convertible For Sale MN

    You need the #7 rule from the for sale sticky.