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    BMW Speedometer question...

    So a friend i work with just bought a new BMW and was told something very concerning to me... He was told by a technician that BMW speedometers are calibrated from the factory to run 2.5mph slower than the actual speed. Meaning you can set the cruise control to 60mph but a GPS device will...

    Motorcycle Riding Gear and Poker Set

    I know random to have together but I was cleaning out the storage closet in my house and found this stuff in there. I sold the bike a few years ago and just never got around to getting rid of the riding gear for me and my wife... Joe Rocket Phoenix Mesh Riding Jacket w/ zip in rain liner -...

    Trailer Hitch Cover

    Thought I might throw this is here for a little more views... Was cleaning out some stuff in the house and came across this. Had it on my 04 Lightning. Have not seen these around in a while and is a solid build. Has some scrapes on the underside as you can see in pictures but everything...

    Trailer Hitch Cover

    Was cleaning out some stuff in the house and came across this. Had it on my 04 Lightning. Have not seen these around in a while and is a solid build. Has some scrapes on the underside as you can see in pictures but everything else is perfect. Scrapes are from driveway, was very steep and...

    Friend sent this to me

    I got this picture in an email the other day and thought it all too fitting for here

    C6 price

    How do you think the price is on this vette.... 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Base, $29,999 -

    2007 GT header install question...

    cousin is wanting to install long tubes on his 07 GT, everything he has been told by local shops is that you need to basically raise the motor out a little to put them on....this true? Seems a little much to need a cherry picker to install headers...anyone know a better way?

    Possible Surgery (labrum tear)

    Well 9 weeks after my stage 3 AC seperation in my shoulder and 8 weeks of physical therapy, I was still getting clicking and popping, no real pain but just soarness occasionally. Went back to the Orthopedist and he scduled an the way, those MRI machines SUCK, way to damn small, freaked...

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Saw this in the local paper. No, I do not know this young man but I feel I must give his family thoughts and prayers in their hard time! May he rest in peace! I wish and hope for the best for the children! Another fallen soldier.. Family: Carolina Soldier Killed In Afghanistan -...
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    Any medical people out there?

    Well just got home from the ER. I was playing in an adult league soccer game, fell on my shoulder and now have diagnosed with a mild AC seperation:whine::whine::whine: I will teel you this hurts like a son of a bitch. i have a decent bump on my shoulder now, on some great pain meds and...
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    have some questions about 07 GT500

    This guy I know just purchased a 2007 GT500. Here is the thing, it is not a GT500. He has the full history of the car and purchased the car from the original owner. Here is the thing that is throwing me off. The first owner bought the car brand new as a 2007 GT premium and sent it to...
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    Zombie Attach in South Carolina

    That is it....I am gasing up the chainsaw and loading the 12 gauge.... Zombies in South Carolina!!!!!:eek::eek: :lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1:
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    New DSLR...need advice

    Ok so I finally broke down and replaced my 6 year old point and shoot digital camera. I bought the Nikon D3100. So far just playing with it, it is awesome:banana: So to the advice part....I am not a photography person, I am trying to learn. So my question is, what are some good settings...
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    Lowering a Durango

    Ok, so a friend of mine has a 2001 Durango 4x4. He does not do any off roading at all. He is wanting to lower it 2" front and back. I have done a little reading around and it seems that 2" blocks will work for the front but everything I have seen says to change the tension in the torsion bars...
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    2 Girls in a box!!!

    Get you rminds out of the gutter. There will be time during this video for that....:rolling: I guess you can call it the epitome of contortionism! Just think of all the your mind should be in the gutter:pepper::pepper:
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    I can only hope I would be as brave

    A 13yr old boy in Australia gave his life to save his younger brother. I have two older brothers and an older sister, I can only hope I would be as brave and giving as this boy was if ever in that situation. Hearing the video of the man trying to save them actually did put a tear in my eye...
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    messing with a hacker's machine

    NWS due to some slight content but it is freakin hilarious!! YouTube - Defcon 18 Pwned By the owner What happens when you steal a hackers computer zoz part p.s. can't figure out how to embed the video...:??:
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    Miss TSA Calender shoot

  19. BLWN DSG

    Going skiing in Denver, need suggestions...

    Ok, well my work is going to fly me out to our corporate office for some meetings and presentations. After we are done I am going to be stay an extra day and go skiing. Our corporate headquarters is in Denver. The group I am going with is thinking of going to either Breckenridge or Vail...
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    My 4yr old daughter's pumpkins

    Well when you are surrounded by women in your house...wife, 4yr old daughter, and 10 month old kind of have the last say as to what pumpkins get carved. Next year will be different but this year my daughter and two special requests... **These were cut all the way through and...
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    Shot for sagging pants

    Pants On Ground: Teen Shot Over Sagging Pants - News Story - WHNS Greenville pull your pants up and wear them like they are designed and would not have happened!!
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    Similac Baby Formula Recall

    Similac is recalling 5 million tubes of powder formula...those parents out there check this website to see if yours is one of them...we have 2 cans on the recall list. You can enter your information in for a reimbursment check.
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    13ft, 900lb Gator caught in S.C.

    During the states Gator hunting season this 5.5ft tall 115lb woman caught and killed a 13ft 900lb Gator... Link to story.... Woman catches, kills 13 foot alligator : News :
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    $240k in Marijuana sized...

    This was right down the street from me....what the heck, how did I not know they were there:fart: How in the heck do you let them grow that freakin big without harvesting them first???
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    Wash with pictures....*non-ford content*

    Well it was a nice day on Saturday and the wife and I were going to be heading out that night. I did not want to be heading out on a Saturday night with a dirty car. Gave her a quick bath and decided to take a couple pictures. Car is nothing wild, just stock....but SHE IS MINE!!! p.s. I...