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  1. busta

    BWNBYU"s First Mod Motor = Vortech Air to Air and much more

    for ****s sake man bravo just bravo. And i just mean that I'm at a loss for words that car is special.
  2. busta

    Spy Shots—Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Breaks Cover in Germany

    Someone please come get your kid before he commits a hate crime my lord who pissed in your frosted flakes??
  3. busta

    The Boyz Season 2: New Teaser Scene

    It had me at this line, edited for forum kiddos.
  4. busta

    The Boyz Season 2: New Teaser Scene

    Great show - really took me by surprise.
  5. busta

    Extremely cheap 1994 Cobra - needs work

    Spend 4x that and you can be the new proud owner of my low mileage mint one with no frame damage lol.
  6. busta

    1995 Cobra

    And the Saleen S351 R-Code my gosh what a cool car.
  7. busta

    1995 Cobra

    And I agree with you guys as far as what it would be worth to me. I wouldn't want to "collect" an SN95 Cobra to not drive. It'll take decades to appreciate in any meaningful way to make that investment worth while and even still I'd rather throw some money into my 401k and see better returns...
  8. busta

    Iso 1994-1995 Cobra Coupe

    I replied to your PM - thanks!
  9. busta

    1995 Cobra

    There was a '94 Cobra Convertible Rio Red with a tan top, with a hair under 5,000 miles that just sold for $22,250 at auction by me a couple weeks ago. I'd imagine this one should be up there for sure.
  10. busta

    WTB 94-95 Cobra Coupe

    I have a '94 Cobra Coupe, Rio Red with tan leather, about 38k miles on the odometer. Vortech V-2 with the stock longblock and other many upgrades (fuel, suspension, exhaust etc.). Shoot me a PM if you're interested the car has literally sat for two years collecting dust I only start it from time...
  11. busta

    Two more excellent reasons to hate Treynor

    I think it's time that you build a garage just for your Fords :)
  12. busta

    Getting My McLaren Wrapped Tomorrow

    I neither agree nor disagree but I love this comment.
  13. busta

    WiFi'ed my mailbox.

    It appears that boredom is the new fuel of ingenuity lol.
  14. busta

    Dusty and dirty

    My friends mess with my Dustang all the time but I've conditioned them to only write their messages on the glass. Unfortunately the neighbors (I live in a condo) don't appreciate the **** & balls they leave behind as much as they do.
  15. busta

    Fox Body/SN-95/New Edge squeaky front end fix!

    I want to live in your shop. I did solid rack bushings from MM a couple years back in the Cobra and I'm a huge fan. Also, your 95 with the removable hardtop is a dream car of mine!
  16. busta

    Texting and Driving

    I'm going to facilitate a protest for text control who's in?
  17. busta

    My RS + lots of snow + Hilly Driveway = Snow Tire talk

    I think that we should add + DQ to the thread title. And some clever puns about a blizzard.
  18. busta

    Photo shoot of the 1968 Dodge Dart "Blow Dart"

    What a beauty lord damn!!
  19. busta

    Photo shoot of the 1968 Dodge Dart "Blow Dart"

    Need a password there chief nuts
  20. busta

    Bodycam footage of SF soldiers ambushed in Niger *WARNING*

    Probably for the best that I didn't see it.
  21. busta

    Bodycam footage of SF soldiers ambushed in Niger *WARNING*

    Looks like the video was taken down. I started to watch it but had no idea what was going on. Is there no audio?
  22. busta

    It's almost Steak Sunday @ Uncle Meat's!!!

    I've been absolutely digging my Anova Sous Vide cooker. I'll start to take pictures of some of my things now that I've learned the ways. Cooking chicken breast at 140* for a couple hours is a thing of beauty... It was like butter.
  23. busta

    10 second stock F90 M5

    Yeaaah you're really f'n wrong. BMW still includes maintenance it's 3yr/36k instead of 4yr/50k. Brakes aren't covered but it's inexpensive to add them back to the maintenance. BMW never covered tires to begin with. Oh, and leasing has been up for every brand over the last five years. It's the...
  24. busta

    Massive corruption found that led to Florida school shooting...

    Did I just read a post with some sense on SVTP?