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    Joey Jordison, founding member of Slipknot, dead at 46

    RIP sad news. Also, Mike Howe from Metal Church died 7/26/21 @ 55 years old.
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    Greenland (2021) Comet Disaster Movie

    The movie was forgettable. The trailer was a lot better than the movie. Not enough action scenes. Good thing i didn't pay the new movie price $19.95
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    Second Stimulus "Status Not Available"

    Here's the real kick in the **** , the credit rebate is based off of 2020 taxes not 2019. My AGI is even higher this year. Oh well looks like i'll be able to order a few pizzas with my stimulas $$
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    Second Stimulus "Status Not Available"

    My house is 2000 sq feet. built in 1998 paid 202,000 worth maybe 330,000 if i'm lucky. I've remodeled the entire house. original cost basis + what i added = nothing in terms of investment. Taxes suck 8,000 for my house and the Hellcat is 1,400 per year plus my other two basic 4 door cars another...
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    Second Stimulus "Status Not Available"

    First stimulas married jointly @153K i got 1700.00+/- They phased out the payment married jointly between 150-199K. Honestly, I can use the money for taxes.
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    Second Stimulus "Status Not Available"

    Edited the post married filing jointly I am NOT single. 163K with 2 incomes in CT is not much at all.
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    Second Stimulus "Status Not Available"

    Anyone else check their payment status and get the following: Payment #1 status Bank account number XXXX deposited 5/6/2020 Payment #2 Status Not available My AGI is $163,000 filed my taxes July 2020 no dependents married filing jointly. I should get $550.00 It sounds like i have to file...
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    ^ I like 1911 grips. It's probably similar to Kimber 1911 Rapide Black finish.
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    Supreme Court allows Lawsuit against Remington by Sandy Hook families to proceed

    If they win this case it will set a precedent for MFGs to be sued for reckless advertising. The first person that gets killed in a Hellcat or Demon will sue the crap out of Dodge.
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    Help Choosing a New Bullet Thrower

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange, A01-LD, or TSO, Dan Wesspon PM9, or Valor, Walther Q5 SF, Sig p320 Legion. Anything DW for 45.
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    NSFE Put. The. Knife. Down. Please.

    At 2.25 he fired 9 shots and he's still walking. Did he miss or not enough stopping power?
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Perfect for EDC.
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    Missing boat

    What is the estimated value of this boat?
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    I'm officially making the move to ditch DirecTV.

    I dumped DirectTV too. I only have Comcast Internet and Netflix, we have 3 Rokos. Total cost for is $90.00 which too high. I wish i change internet providers for non -DSL internet. I am stuck with Comcast cable.
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    Hellcat Replacement: SVT Raptor

    Congrats on the swap. Are you going to change your avatar to SVT or Raptor?
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    The GT 500 sounds awesome.
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    Comparing cost of home ownership

    I feel sick :( / Home value 350,000 property tax $8,000 per year for house. Insurance 1200.00 per year Electric bill average 250 per month =$3,000 . Oil and pellets stoves 1,100 per year.. 2100 sq ft house. +500 sq finished basement. There's a lot of other taxes and expenses to live in CT...
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    TRADING PAINT Official Trailer (2019) John Travolta, Michael Madsen Movie HD

    I'll wait for Netflix. Based on the trailer i wouldn't spend any money on this film.
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    POV Driving Video of my Hellcat

    Great video. Who is tuning your Hellcat in CT?
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    I had Colt Competition and had the same problem. Slide to frame slop rattle, shot to left ,and thumb safety was loose. Every time i pick up a Colt at the LGS I return it, walk to the next counter pick up a Dan Wesson and checkout. The only Colt i picked up that i liked was the Colt Special...
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    Any experience with Low Testosterone??

    I doubled my T-levels by changing my diet. Eggs and more eggs,olive oil, avocadoes, tuna, beef, more fats, bacon, pork and butter, nuts. Sleeping also affects your T levels. Note: excessive cardio WILL decease your T levels.
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    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    POMs are awesome! I never thought that I would like a little **** dog, I've always had large dogs i.e. Husky, full size Aussies,. We recently bought our POM and the dog is just outstanding in every aspect. They’re not the manliest dog if you know what I mean, but are very energetic, devoted...
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    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    1 year old Pomeranian and 2 year old mini Aussie. See next post.
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    Remains of U of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts found...killer was illegal immigrant

    CNN has the story on the right hand side: And he's a "undocumented immigrant" can't use Illegal ! Man leads police to body, faces murder charge in Mollie Tibbetts case