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  1. RUgoinup?

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    I sent him a link to this thread. Maybe you can post a form of contact in case he’s not signed up here.
  2. RUgoinup?

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    Here’s the previous owner: looks like he has some parts for you.
  3. RUgoinup?

    S550 Supercharger Shakeup | From Edlebrock 2650 TVS to Whipple Gen 5 3.0L

    Glad you got the correct fit for you. We have similar setups. I’m just A10 on e85/3.625/Fore. Enjoy!
  4. RUgoinup?

    Whats everyone up to?

    Soooo...something came up. Sold the turbo kit this weekend before it was scheduled to be installed today. And this may be my last night with the ole girl. Had a blast with it though. Never gave me a problem, only 23000 miles of smiles. Something tells me I’ll be back in another one day.
  5. RUgoinup?

    Whats everyone up to?

    on3 single (80mm billet). Not sure when it’ll get installed.
  6. RUgoinup?

    Whats everyone up to?

    I recently put my car back to stock as much as possible (left 6R80/OPG’s) in order to sell it. Funny thing happened...the car looked brand new again after removing the tint just like the time I first saw it. It also sounded great again with the stock headers/side pipes back on. And the ride was...
  7. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    Just got it. Won’t be installed for a while. I may lend a hand but most of it will be done by a pro. Quality is really good. Price was amazing!
  8. RUgoinup?

    VMP Gen 3 Gettin’ er done.

  9. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    Thanks. I thought their single kits had a bad reputation. Did they revise the kits?
  10. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    Sold the Whipple a couple months ago. Leaning towards the On3 single but still considering the Hellion twin or a Large Centri, JT probably. Since the car will be on the stock converter/trans and won’t see the track (for a couple of years) the lower torque of the centri might suit me. I would...
  11. RUgoinup?

    So I bought a new toy....

    Congrats. You got a great car and deal!
  12. RUgoinup?

    My VMP Gen 3 TVS vs VMP Gen 3R TVS test results!

    Congrats! Love the torque that VMP’s put out.
  13. RUgoinup?

    The Gen 5 Whipple you've been waiting for!!

    IC fluid looks low.
  14. RUgoinup?

    New Boss 302 Guy from NY

    Welcome! Whippled Bosses are a blast. Be safe.
  15. RUgoinup?

    Strangest Problem in the World

    Swap starter relays
  16. RUgoinup?

    New Guy :)

    Great choice! Appreciate your service as well. My advice would be to find a competent, trustworthy mustang specialist and do whatever he says.
  17. RUgoinup?

    12 & 13 Boss owners, still smitten?

    Still lovin’ mine...even with the 6R80! Very grateful to have her. Was stoked when she was bone stock, and still stoked with all of the changes I’ve made.
  18. RUgoinup?

    HP Limit of stock exhaust

    Just looked at your screen name. Grand Nationals/Regal T Types are some of my favorite cars of all time. I’ll never forget test driving a new one back in 1987...thankfully I bought a mustang because I ran it into a tree, showing off lol.
  19. RUgoinup?

    HP Limit of stock exhaust

    Cats are the cork. After discovering cracks in both of my cats I vowed never to run boost/cats again. Some have no issues, I did. I would swap cat deletes in/out if I had emissions checks. I run e85 to reduce possible engine failure due to bad gas/detonation. Nine second goals are lofty and...
  20. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    That’s a good option. After seeing another shop customer run 8.88 with the same gen 2 blower I may hold on to it. Thanks for the input guys.
  21. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    3.5 upper, stock lower 14lbs.
  22. RUgoinup?

    Pulled my Whipple. Should I trade it?

    Looking for opinions after pulling my Whipple off the Boss during my 6R80 swap. Was going to sell it as a turn key kit (Sai Li/ID 1000’s) but I feel I’m better off finding a trade partner instead of starting over. I pulled the blower off due to the instant torque, so I now want something that...
  23. RUgoinup?

    Hellion single

    Let me narrow it down for you brother. We know CPR is the #1 single, and Hellion is the # 1 Twin. You can sit tight for a few more weeks (or months) and eventually get a # 1 with no more investment, or you can spend more and get the other #1 in a few weeks. It’s that simple.