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  1. 03 DSG Snake


    Can I bring this request back from the dead for the trunk panel fasteners? Thanks!
  2. 03 DSG Snake

    2007 GT500 HID conversion harness? Where to find?

    Steeda and Saleen had retrofit kits with harness for HID lights year ago, not sure who made their harnesses. I got mine years ago from a Team Shelby forum member for my 07. Not sure if those PMs are gone with the forum migration.
  3. 03 DSG Snake

    Reviews or Track Times?

    Sounds like the idiots at Galpin..
  4. 03 DSG Snake

    Footwell lighting

    I believe there may be an unused harness in the console for auto trans, it’s been years since I looked. Otherwise Add a Fuse to the passenger footwell box is easiest.
  5. 03 DSG Snake

    Maintenance question... heat shield wrap around the battery

    The cables will likely not leave you enough slack to raise the battery enough. I just swapped my battery out a few weeks ago. Unplugging the terminals will reset your radio and emissions monitors.
  6. 03 DSG Snake

    Harpell auto fab

    I have his rad cover, great quality stuff. Looking forward to his new one piece rad/cooler tank. Easy to communicate with as well.
  7. 03 DSG Snake

    Upgraded pumps on stock tune

    +1 I have the Walbro GT improved pumps on stock tune, injectors will likely make it run like crap though. Kudos to KB and Whipple for making their inlets bolt on from the rear. Dying for VMP to drop their CARB TVS..
  8. 03 DSG Snake

    Steeda Jacking Rails

    How is it trying to get 4 wheels off the ground? Is there room for a jackstand on the rear end of the rails, they seem fairly short.
  9. 03 DSG Snake

    Racers edge tuning
  10. 03 DSG Snake

    What tuners are best in SoCal

    I had a similar experience and also went elsewhere.
  11. 03 DSG Snake

    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    I’ve always had shit customer service with them and haven’t shopped there in many years. Not surprised.
  12. 03 DSG Snake

    Jay Leno Sets 1/4 Mile Production Car Record Tesla Plaid [email protected]

    Funny, I rode solo in an elevator with Jay last week. Told him my 3 y/o loved his car vids.
  13. 03 DSG Snake

    WANTED: Stock Throttle Body

    Anybody have a stock TB around for sale? Thanks
  14. 03 DSG Snake

    Ford to Reveal All-Electric F-150 Lightning May 19 with Livestreamed Event at Ford HQ

    He was pretending to drive LOL, click throughbthe slides...
  15. 03 DSG Snake

    Race Ramp Users Come on in!

    Yup. Woman Driven Wrench if you're safe searchin :( She has a nice stable of rides, it must be paying off..
  16. 03 DSG Snake


    Sounds like more of a function of the pads vs rotors themselves? I know Centric/Stoptech makes variants with high carbon and or cryo treatment, not sure what that would do outside of longevity. Where did you pick up the rotors?
  17. 03 DSG Snake

    Race Ramp Users Come on in!

    Lol that attention whore ****ed herself with a box wrench for Only Fans...
  18. 03 DSG Snake

    Morimoto High Intensity Lighting Sale!!! 10-25% OFF Ends 5/31

    Do you have the fogs for an 07 GT500? I believe they are LF111, was about to order a set yesterday.
  19. 03 DSG Snake

    Pull Valve Cover without Pulling Booster?

    Did it on my 03 jacking up the driver side only.
  20. 03 DSG Snake

    State Ref failed..

    Makes sense, thanks.
  21. 03 DSG Snake

    State Ref failed..

    Why did it need a new PCM? Wouldn't a dealer reflash serve the purpose of a 'factory calibration' for the Ref?
  22. 03 DSG Snake

    Fabulous Fords Forever - June 13, 2021

    Angel Stadium was superior based on the Ford new vehicle test drives and ride alongs in the Shelby cars. Shade sucked (so does Knott’s for the most part) and no food/beverage vendors outside of a hand full of trucks.
  23. 03 DSG Snake

    State Ref failed..