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  1. SlammedSVT

    Going back to stock sale!

    This is most of the parts I have pulled off the truck. I dont use paypal because I got screwed last time, so money order or check. No cash, due to I want a record of trans on both parties. Thanks guys and gals. Accufab Single T. Body Used less than 5k miles SOLD...
  2. SlammedSVT

    New Lowing Springs

    This is most of the parts I have pulled off the truck. I dont use paypal because I got screwed last time, so money order or check. No cash, due to I want a record of trans on both parties. Also, I dont play alot of haggle so most of my prices are pretty firm, but I always consider...
  3. SlammedSVT

    JLP Box

    Looking for 50 shipped. All offers consider.
  4. SlammedSVT

    Help Please- Boost Problem

    I wonder where these truck are likely to leak boost? With the supercharger seating on top of the intercooler, I dont know where it could be loosing boost from. I usally hit about 15-16 pounds and now all the sudden I am hitting like 10 then it slowly climbs to 12. I dont think its the...
  5. SlammedSVT

    Amazon Racing

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Amazon (Rick and Linn). Drove down to South Carolina from Knoxville to get a tune and it was well worth it. Rick tune the truck on the money the first pull on the dyno. Just goes to show how good of a tuner Rick is. Super nice people and was just a...
  6. SlammedSVT

    3 inch drop shackles

    Who all sells 3 inche drop shackles besides JLP?
  7. SlammedSVT

    Shout out to LFP

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mark, Jesse, and Mike at Lightning Force Performance. I had order a bunch of parts that where on backorder and was trying to get my order here on a certain day because of my dyno tune. Not only did they give me some good prices, they overnighted my order( 80...
  8. SlammedSVT

    WTB 3 inche drop shackles

    Looking for a 3 inche drop shackle for L. Thanks, Aaron
  9. SlammedSVT

    Silver L post up wheels

    Hey guys, sorry for asking for pics of wheels. I just had back surgery so I staying at my fathers house til I get better and he has 56k dial up and the search is so Slow! Plus it hurts my back sitting in the seat too long. Looking to give the L a new look and want to see some ideas...
  10. SlammedSVT

    WTB Eaton Snount

    Just need the snount on for the blower if anybody has one. Thanks Aaron
  11. SlammedSVT

    Single Pillar Mount

    Pillar is already painted to match our trucks. 2 1/16 Gauge Fits in it. It also is made to still retain the handle, if wanted. I do 35 shipped. I am pretty firm on the offer. Thanks, Aaron here is the pic, sorry for taking so long
  12. SlammedSVT


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  13. SlammedSVT

    Anybody going to JDM day? I might be able to make the long trip if some ppl wanting to go?
  14. SlammedSVT

    Little help on Boost problem

    I installed my C and L elbow and my truck isnt asking right. I hit the gas and instead of hitting full boost right away, it jumps to about 7 pounds and then hits 9 pounds after I get going? If I put it in N and rev, I can hit 10 pounds. Any thoughts. I checked all the lines I can think...
  15. SlammedSVT


    Sorry I got to vent a little so I am posting up. Not going to list any names. Well, this is the second time I have sent money for a eaton and something has gone wrong. My Dang port job is never going to get done! First time, Seller sells two different buyers the part after I have already...
  16. SlammedSVT

    Ran the 1/8th tonight.

    I got a chance the run the truck Friday night in the 1/8th. There was like 50 diesel trucks there running because of some kinda internet meeting so the track was tore to hell, but I still felt like the truck ran well. I was bracket racing and was doing good, but I broke out a .006 more than...
  17. SlammedSVT

    FS JLP 6lb pulley with belt

    here is the link for what your getting JLP price is 235.00 plus shipping My price is 130 shipped to your door. Saving 105 dollars on a slightly used pulley.
  18. SlammedSVT

    Circurt City Card

    I have a gift card worth 163.86 from Circurt City. The gift card can be used on the at or in the store. You can buy anything with it like most gift cards. I am selling if because there is nothing in C City that I really need and I want money to get my L parts. I am...
  19. SlammedSVT

    What Billet Grill is This?

    This is a couple pics of my old Lightning. I am trying to find out what model or part number this billet girll is. I bought it off a car lot so I dont know what model it is. I am trying to order the same grill but I cant seem to find it. here is some pic
  20. SlammedSVT

    Quicky, Stock Radio?

    Will the 03 Radio work in the early Lightning models?
  21. SlammedSVT

    What Grill?

    What grill should I go with? I really like the ones without the Ford Sign in them. Pics of what you guys thought would be GREAT! This grill will be for sale soon so if anybody wants it pm me. Thanks, Aaron
  22. SlammedSVT