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    hmmm, no need for speed movie ?

    for those that said I didn't know what I was talking about. Need for Speed Official Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul - YouTube
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    cop didn't see it=no ticket ? or is it ?

    sorry for the long story but there is a lot to say. a friend of mine from work was going home Tuesday night. he was stopped at a stop light behind another car the light turns green and he proceeds to go when a semi-dump truck hits him from behind, just a slight bump then again a little bit...
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    go outside !

    and look to the west. there is something that looks like a comet !
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    passenger in a vehicle ? leo only please

    my friend was riding with his dad when he got pulled over one day. the leo came up to the window and asked for the drivers license and reg. then asked for my friends id. he asked "why do you need to see mine?" and the leo responded with "because i said so!" my friend just stared at him and the...
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    kansas plate question

    my son just got pulled over because his registration sticker was not in the upper right hand corner. does it matter where it is as long as it is on the plate ? thanks.
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    brown recluse problem ?

    give my friend a call. i told him his logo would make a great tattoo.
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    svt detectives ?

    i need some help. my girlfriends daughter is seeing this guy and she wants to know anything and everything about him. his name is joshua wayne vanlandingham, lives at 213 strawberry lane , seligman, mo. 24 yrs old. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    any mountain bikers here ?

    if so what kind do you have ? can you post up a pic of it ? i'm wanting to get one and would like some recomendations as to what kind to get.
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    unusual hot wheels ?

    i just bought a hot wheel car that has 2 diferent types of tires on it. i bought another one same car that has matching wheels on it for comparison. here are some crappy pics. so , would it be worth any money ?
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    westboro going to joplin,mo.

    phelps and his band of idiots are going to joplin, mo. this sunday when obama is going to be there. we have already been organizing a lot of people to block/discourage these whackjobs. the patriot guard is also going to be there. i have a feeling this is going to be one of the biggest counter...
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    excessive engine noise ?

    got a ticket for excessive engine noise last night. i floored it coming out of a gas station. is this a moving violation ? when he came up to my car he asked if there was something wrong with it, i told him no, he then asked what i was doing back there when i left the station, i told him i just...
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    what law is being broken when...

    you pull up to a stop light on red and you don't stop behind the solid white line before the crosswalk ?
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    traffic light sensors ?

    some guy on facebook is telling people that there are sensors in the white lines at traffic lights. and that if you pull up onto them and there are no other cars that it will trip the light to turn green. can you guys tell me yes or no on this ? i have done some research on it and turns out...
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    private parking lots...

    lets say i am doing some donuts having some fun in the snow in a factory parking lot. can the cops give me a ticket or even a warning ? i'm in kansas but i would also like to know for missouri too.
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    ignorant people...

    i cannot believe the ignorance of some people. i live next to an apartment complex. there are a few individuals who instead of starting their car and letting it idle to warm up, they rev the crap out of them and then take off like a bat out of hell. i can't wait for their engines to blow-up !
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    got what he deserved...

    Recently released prisoner killed after break-in Associated Press - December 31, 2010 11:05 AM ET ANADARKO, Okla. (AP) - Police say a man who was shot and killed during an apparent home invasion in Anadarko had recently been released from prison. Police have identified the man as...
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    so what do you say....

    when you are not religous and someone asks for prayers for some reason ? or when you are thankful for something do you say "thank god" ? to the first ? i usually say "you will be in my thoughts". just wanting to know what you guys say.
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    new maxim

    just got the new maxim with anna kournakova in 3D ! pretty cool. anyone else get it ?
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    old radio

    i came across an old radio in perfect shape. it is an arvin 10 model #65r58. would any of you know anyone who collects old transistor radios ? or who i could contact to find out how much it would be worth ?
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    dash cam ?

    i just installed a dash cam in my car because of a certain incident recently, not because of a cop but a civillian. if i ever do get pulled over and i have it running do i have to stop recording ? do have to inform the leo of it ? i am not trying to catch a cop doing something wrong or anything...
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    need to find someone

    all i have is the description of the vehicle and plate number. how can i find out the name and address ?
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    volkswagon commercials ?

    why are they punching for seeing any volkswagon ? i thought it was only for seeing a slug bug, hence the name.:shrug:
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    anyone see it yet ? i thought it was pretty good.
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    bad driver ?

    i am sure there is more to the story then what he is saying. Man distracted by bird drives Bugatti into marsh - Yahoo! News
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    pc keeps restarting !

    my pc keeps restarting itself ! a box will pop up saying "dcom server process launcher service terminated unexpectily" then it shuts down and restarts. anyone know why ?