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  1. 01strimbullitt

    My first kill...

    I have no freaking clue what this monster is... But it died a horribly painful and incredibly slow death. Instantly I knew, "KILL IT WITH FIRE!". Before: After:
  2. 01strimbullitt

    After 2.5 years... She's alive! (fox body content)

    My 90 coupe drag car project is finally finished. 8.50 certified cage, custom fuel cell and battery box in trunk with cut off, full tubular front end, manual rack, manual brakes, world class t5, built 8.8, fully forged balanced and blueprinted 410ci Sbf... She ran 10.00 on the old hurt motor...
  3. 01strimbullitt

    Need help in Phoenix area: custom sub box building...

    Hey guys! I live in maricopa. Building my system in my Harley f150 and I'm looking for some help building a bad ass sub box to go in place of my rear center console... Anyone have wood/fiberglass box building skills that would like to help a brother out? I want to build this box to look as clean...
  4. 01strimbullitt

    1990 coupe 410

    Here my craigslist add! Please call or text with any questions! Will deliver up to 100 miles from Phoenix! 1990 fox body mustang 410 stroker Thanks! Jake
  5. 01strimbullitt

    Anyone in here on Help me out!

    I entered my quad in the quad of the month contest... And it's doing surprisingly well!!! Help me out and vote! Thanks! Screen name over there is emassa84 Vote here for June's QOTM! - Honda TRX Forums: Honda TRX 450R Forum
  6. 01strimbullitt

    Raced a raptor...

    ... Got smoked. /thread. My truck is 03 hd f150. Thought it would be closer. Maybe he was modded cause it sounded like a trophy truck when he Punched it.
  7. 01strimbullitt

    Any atv riders in here? Come see my baby! 05 trx450r

    05 trx450r: it's for sale too... Pm me for info.
  8. 01strimbullitt

    My pride and joy!

    My boys! Just thought I'd share some pics of my boys! They make me so happy! It's amazing how a child changes your life and your outlook on things. I'd kill for these two.
  9. 01strimbullitt

    The cops in arizona are doing well!

    Sign me up!
  10. 01strimbullitt

    Need help finding something!!!

    I'm wanting to do a fender style exit on my 03 Harley truck but I can't seem to find a tip like this anywhere. I like the kits for the new trucks that put the exit in the lower valance, but I don't want to have to buy any new body parts. Anyone know where I can't get just a tip like this?!
  11. 01strimbullitt

    ¡drive through atm fail!

    You're doing it wrong!
  12. 01strimbullitt

    need smog help in phoenix!

    just moved from the bay area to a town south of phoenix. gotta register my fox... az law requires a visual and smog... FML! anyone with ideas or who knows of a local shop that can help, please pm me! look at my other posts and sellers feedback. im not a scammer or a leo. thanks svtp!
  13. 01strimbullitt

    90 coupe 410 stoker line lock test.

    I just picked up this little beauty. Bought it with what was supposed to be a "ford racing 351 crate motor". Got the car and the motor was blown. So after countless hours of work and $$$, this is what I ended up with! 90 coupe fully forged 410 holly 850 double pumper holly blue pump battery...
  14. 01strimbullitt

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    i just looked that the other thread, this rendering is full of win!!!!!! A++++
  15. 01strimbullitt

    Stuff for sale: Ps2 and more + blackberry...

    ps2 SOLD! blackberry 8830 world edition for verizon used for 3 months, i have a new roller ball (old one works, but they are notorious for breaking so i bought another one) and the tools to take it apart... $120 shipped with insurance paypal only thanks jake IF YOU LIKE THE ITEMS...
  16. 01strimbullitt

    F/S: 06 Torrid Red GTO (low miles!)

    I posted this in the for sale section, but i figured id give the local guys a heads up. If you are looking for a bad ass car with dd maners, check this out! Im getting married on Jan 31st 09 and our first child is due september 6th 09. So i think its time to get something a little more...
  17. 01strimbullitt

    F/S: 06 Torrid Red GTO (low miles!)

    Im getting married on Jan 31st 09 and our first child is due september 6th 09. So i think its time to get something a little more practical. This car is amazingly clean, fun to drive (even my wife loves to drive it), and reliable. I own this car outright, TITLE IN HAND! I will hand deliver up to...
  18. 01strimbullitt

    Really Really Lazy...

  19. 01strimbullitt

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    i made this for my buddy bobby he is the real "ricky bobby"! haha!
  20. 01strimbullitt

    I hate my neighbors!

    and now they know it... :) j/k...
  21. 01strimbullitt

    look what i saw today! (teh sex inside!)

    gt3!!! looked amazing! sounded amazing! and the WOMAN driving looked amazing! i want this car!
  22. 01strimbullitt

    F/S: 07 r6 clean!!!!

    nm. not for sale anymore...
  23. 01strimbullitt

    my new job kicks A$$!

    Im workin at the local custom truck shop and lovin it! if you need anything give us a call!!!! anyones offroad and customs 707-428-4100 here are a few pics of some of the trucks that we've built... the owners truck #1 08 2500hd 2wd 9" fabtech lift with their 4.0 remote res dirt...