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  1. RoyWoods

    F/S Medium Parchment OEM Cobra Seats

    OEM medium parchment seats w/ sliders and bases from my '01 Cobra. Approximately 9K miles. No burns, no rips, no holes, etc. All controls work as new. Excellent shape. They're all boxed up and ready to ship. $650 plus shipping. Fronts: Backs: Driver Bottom Cushion...
  2. RoyWoods

    X-Plan Pricing?

    I have seen numerous posts on numerous forums saying that “yes it is available” on the Raptor and “no it is not” available on the Raptor. Does anyone have first hand experience with this issue? Is it merely a regional and/or individual dealer issue? If it is in fact available, how much below...
  3. RoyWoods

    T-56 Reverse Lockout Control Module Review

    As we all know, one of the issues that must be addressed when upgrading to a T-56 is dealing with the reverse lockout solenoid. A lot of people will either ignore the solenoid via using brut force, or will wire the solenoid into the brake light or into a toggle switch. Granted, these are all...
  4. RoyWoods

    “Like New” Cross-Drilled Rotors for ’94-’04 Cobras

    These KVR Cross-Drilled rotors are “like new.” They will fit ’94-’04 Cobras. I can get the exact mileage of the rotors if needed/wanted, but the front rotors have approximately 2-3K miles on them and the rear ones have a similar amount. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s web-site: KVR...
  5. RoyWoods

    H&R Sport Springs

    I have a set of low mileage (approximately 12K) H&R Sport Springs. They will fit ’99-’04 Mustang Cobra Convertible’s w/ IRS. Part number is 51659-2. Price: $149 + shipping, firm.
  6. RoyWoods

    Unopened AutoMeter Vacuum/Boost Gauge

    AutoMeter Phantom Full Sweep Electric 2 1/16” Vacuum/Boost Gauge w/ Peak Memory and Warning. Part #ATM-5776. This gauge was remanufactured by AutoMeter and came directly from them. It has never been opened and looks brand new (as you can see from the picture(s), it is still "factory sealed"...
  7. RoyWoods

    H&R Sport Springs for ’99-’04 Convertible

    I have a set of low mileage H&R Sport Springs. They fit ’99-’04 Mustang Cobra Convertible’s w/ IRS. Their part number is 51659-2. I can take pictures if wanted/needed. Price: $199 shipped.
  8. RoyWoods

    FS: AutoMeter Steering Column Mount Pod

    FS: AutoMeter 2 1/16” Steering Column Mount Pod – Part # ATM-10004. I painted it to match my interior (parchment), but it could very easily be painted to match a different color interior. It does NOT have any holes drilled in it, and is like new. Fits ’96-’01 Cobra and ’94-’04 GT. $25 shipped.
  9. RoyWoods

    FS: Dual 2 1/16” Pillar Pod

    FS: Pro-Pod Dual 2 1/16” Pillar Pod – Part #POD-92010 (very similar, if not identical, to Auto Meter 12120 Dual Gauge Pod). Pillar is shown to fit ’96-’01 Hardtop Cobra and ’94-’02 GT. The pillar is dark parchment, but it could very easily be painted to match a different color interior. It...
  10. RoyWoods

    NE Custom Fit Car Cover

    I have a Cover Craft (from “Ford Collection”) car cover for sale. It is Part #S10156 and is a custom fit for 1999-2001 Cobras. The cover is part of the “NOAH” fabric line from Cover Craft. You can find specific details about the NOAH line of fabric here:
  11. RoyWoods

    TR-3650 w/ Less Than 8K Miles

    For Sale: TR-3650 transmission with less than 8,000 miles on it. It was removed from my 2001 Cobra when I upgraded to a T-56. I have never had any problems/issues with this transmission. $700 + shipping for the transmission with the factory crossmember.
  12. RoyWoods

    MGW TR-3650 Shifter – For Sale

    The shifter has less than 4K miles on it. I’m replacing it with another MGW shifter, except one that will work with a T-56. :banana: :pepper: :banana: According to MGW, it will work on the Mid 01-04 GT, 2001Cobra, '01-'02 Bullitt, and '03-'04 Mach 1 vehicles. For a more detailed description...
  13. RoyWoods

    PST Carbon Fiber D/S- For Sale

    I'm replacing my PST Carbon Fiber D/S with another one just like it, except shorter, so my old one is for sale. My current one is too long since I swapped out my 5-speed for a T-56, so it's for sale. For a detailed description, look at the first one at the following link ($585)...
  14. RoyWoods

    FS: Almost New SOS Dual Gauge Pod

    I have a Speed of Sound Dual Gauge Pod (Color = Parchment) for sale. It will work on the ’94-’03 Coupes. I bought this the week of 1/28/08 with the intention of installing two additional gauges. However, the “deal” I was getting on the gauges fell through, so I no longer need this. I paid a...
  15. RoyWoods

    WTB: KB/EP Rear Spring Spacers

    I’m looking for the rear spring spacers that came with the “2003-2004 Mustang Cobra Kenny Brown Convertible Lowering Springs.” The part number for the springs is/was: KBP-85245. The spacers that were included with the springs that Engineered Performance sold would also work. Their part...
  16. RoyWoods

    H&R Sport Springs

    I have a set of H&R Sport Springs (#51659) for sale. They have less than 2500 miles on them. These springs will work on '99-'04 Cobra coupes w/ IRS. Price = $150 and will split shipping. Thanks for your interest.
  17. RoyWoods

    4 OEM 2001 Cobra Polished Aluminum Wheels and Almost New Tires for Sale

    Tires were purchased/installed in September 2006 and have less than 1K miles on them. All 4 are Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3’s (245/45/R17). They are mounted and balanced, and as can be seen from the pictures, are basically “brand new.” The wheels are in “perfect” (i.e. not bent) condition as...
  18. RoyWoods

    Steeda Tri-Ax 3650 Shifter

    Like the title says, I have a Steeda Tri-Ax 3650 shifter for sale. According to Steeda, it works on the Mid 01-04 GT, 2001 Cobra, Bullitt and Mach 1 vehicles. It is like new w/ approximately 1K miles of usage. I can send pictures if you're interested. $100 (includes shipping). Send me a PM if...
  19. RoyWoods

    F/S: Steeda Tri-Ax for TR-3650

    Like the title says, I have a Steeda Tri-Ax for a TR-3650. I used it for less than 2K miles. Make me an offer.
  20. RoyWoods

    WMS Ceramic Coated Intake

    I have a WMS Ceramic Coated Intake setup for sale (the "upper tube" and velocity tube"). It does NOT include the MAF sensor. I was using it on my 2001Cobra. I've had it for a little less than 2 years, and have put about 2000K miles on it. You can read about it here...
  21. RoyWoods

    Opinions on my Dyno Run

    Went and did a dyno pull the other day with my new power adder and :eek::eek: :eek: . What do you all think?
  22. RoyWoods

    P&P Intake Manifold for Sale

    I have a 2001 Cobra and am planning to go F/I, and therefore need to sell my Sean Hyland Motorsport P&P Lower Intake Manifold. This is the description of the manifold from SHM’s web-site: “Ported lower intake for 99-01 Cobra, Mach 1. We cut the bottom off the plenum, allowing us to access the...
  23. RoyWoods

    Need to see KS Data

    Does anyone have, or can anyone make, a datalog with the Autotap software? I'd like to see the values (voltage readings) that the Knock Sensors are giving under normal driving conditions (e.g. cruising) and at WOT. I think mine are going haywire, thus causing timing to be pulled, but I need to...
  24. RoyWoods

    FS: MM Aluminum IRS Differential Mounts

    I have a used set of the MM Aluminum IRS Differential Mounts (Part #MMIRSB-40). Make me an offer.
  25. RoyWoods

    MMFLSFC + Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix

    Right now I have the MMFLSFC on my '01. I was thinking about adding the Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Brace and Jacking Rails to my existing setup. The vendor says this setup will work b/c the "external tube dimensions are the same for the subs." Has anyone tried doing this and what were your...