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    R.I.P. Robert Yates He was a legend in Ford engine building. Had battled cancer for a while and was due to be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame next year.
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    R.I.P. Hugh Hefner
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    Fresh paint, sky full of ash

    I recently had a truck test the theory that 8 tires grip better than 4 at the expense of my Mustang. I just got it back Tuesday, and just my luck there is the Sherpa Fire 12 miles from my house. It looks like snow outside there is so much ash in the air and on the ground. What would be my...
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    First court experience and I won!!

    I had my first experience as part of a court case on Friday. I was involved in an accident 2 years ago which I was found at fault, for the purposes of the case I accepted liability for the accident. I was being sued for medical bills that the plaintiff racked up for a period of time. The...
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    Buddy Baker 1941-2015 Any NASCAR fans this will hit hard. I enjoyed hearing him call races and really enjoyed hearing him on his Sirius show.
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    Another MT-82 issue

    When leaving the house earlier today I was shifting to 3rd with no load on the gearbox around 25mph. It would no go into gear and finally I slammed it into 3rd. Immediately started hearing a whining sound followed by what sounded like something bouncing around inside the case. Limped it home...
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    Marcos Ambrose to drive for Penske in V8 Supercars So looking forward to this. Maybe this will convince Fox to broadcast the V8 Supercar races live here in the US.
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    MT-82 input shaft seal

    I had the MT-82 replaced in my '14 for poor shifting into 3rd, then 2nd, then no 1st, then no reverse lockout. All was well but there was some leaking right away. Checked and the fill plug was loose from the factory. Still there was fluid leaking. The new one would grind into 3rd. Well they...
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    Polishing Borla ATAKs?

    I just got most of my Borla ATAK catback in for my '14. UPS launched one of the OTA pipes out the box when they literally dropped it out of the truck. So while I wait for the replacement OTA pipes to come in I was wondering if it would even be worth polishing the rest of the muffler assemblies...
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    Race 3: KOBALT 400 at Las Vegas Speedway

    Getting this going this week. I can try to figure out everyone's points standings if someone wants me to. My pick for this week: #22 Logano.
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    Ford to enter Dakar Rally with Ranger

    Ford To Enter 2014 Dakar Rally With Mustang-Powered Ranger Pickup From the article, looks like a mini Raptor Ford confirmed it will enter the 2014 Dakar Rally using its latest Ranger pickup truck currently sold overseas. The rally, which once again will be taking place in South America...
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    R.I.P. Jason Leffler

    Y! SPORTS "New Jersey state police have announced that NASCAR driver Jason Leffler has died as a result of injuries suffered in a wreck at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey, according to the Associated Press. Leffler was 37. Leffler was racing a Sprint Car at the track's "Night of Wings"...
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    Anyone going to COTA this weekend for V8 Supercars?

    I am going with a friend, we both said years ago that we would go if they came to the US. Should be really fun, we got tickets for the front stretch for Fri-Sun. He is a Holden supporter, bought a G8 purely because it was a Commodore. Also anyone that lives there, what are some good places to...
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    Senna the movie

    Anyone see it yet? I am going on Friday to the showing in LA followed by a Q&A with the director. I have heard the movie is amazing. I remember when he died, I was in 4th grade and literally inconsolable for a few weeks.
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    Aussie V8 to run in the US by 2013

    Sweet Lord in Heaven I hope this happens!! AUTO RACING - V8: Supercars Series Eyeing American Round In an interview held with V8 Supercars Chairman Tony Cochrane in October of 2010, the boss of the popular Australian tin-top series told made it clear that North America did not...
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    Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead

    BBC News - Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead in Des Moines such a bummer, I was a pretty big fan of Slipknot.
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    telephone noise in television

    has anyone ever noticed when watching tv a quick sound like a telephone typing 4 numbers? i hadnt heard it for a long time, and now i hear it a lot on digital channels and hd channels (cox cable). i used to hear it on the higher channels when i was younger. just one of those random things i...
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    brembo caliper depressing tool

    i was just watching Le Mans and it reminded me about how they change brake pads on pitstops. i found this tool here: i was wondering if anyone has tried it before. i wouldnt mind buying it to add to my tool collection. also...
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    someone threatened my family tonight

    long story cliff notes at bottom so im out having dinner with my mom tonight and she gets a call on her cellphone from my grandma. apparently someone called the house asking for me and she said i wasnt there and asked if she could take a message. they wouldnt say who it was, no name, no...
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    stangnet/SVTP got me let go from work

    Stangnet got me let go from work hey all, i know ive tried to help people a lot with any emissions related questions. however, higher ups at my work decided that i shouldnt have done this and they let me go from work today. it totally blows too, my job kicked ass, i got to see awesome cars...