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  1. hyvltge

    WANTED: WTB Blowfish Front Tow Hook

    Guessing he’s a scammer. Still looking.
  2. hyvltge

    WANTED: 2013/2014 Tail Lights

    I have a set with the filler piece as well. Let me know if you are still looking.
  3. hyvltge

    WANTED: WTB - Trinity take off blower

    Dude, I just sold one with a 2.4. I will be installing the Whipple soon so I will have one for sale.
  4. hyvltge

    WANTED: WTB Blowfish Front Tow Hook

    Let me know if you have one.
  5. hyvltge

    WANTED: Wtb 13-14 taillights

    I have a set with the Raxiom Cpnversion Trim pieces installed. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  6. hyvltge

    WANTED: WTB 2013-2014 shelby gt500

    Are you still looking?
  7. hyvltge

    TVS Supercharger with 2.4" pulley

    As pictured, TVS Supercharger with 14k miles on it. Price is $1500 and buyer pays shipping and fees or send a label for shipping. Any questions let me know. IMG_0086 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0082 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0081 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0080 by Mike Smith, on Flickr...
  8. hyvltge

    WTB Whipple

    PM sent.
  9. hyvltge

    MGW short throw shifter for GT500 FS

    I used the strap wrench, hold the shifter shaft itself and them use the wrench on the ball. It. Is. Tight.
  10. hyvltge

    BNIB Gen3R / **Relist**

    Buy with confidence, great guy and solid product.
  11. hyvltge

    TVS/ BPS ported elbow/BPS pulley/CJ twin 65/ID 725’s

    I sent you a PM on the package.
  12. hyvltge

    Bobs Oil Sep from Revan Racing. Firewall Mount New GT500

    Yeah I sent a PM yesterday and heard nothing back.
  13. hyvltge

    WTB Whipple

    Sent you a PM.
  14. hyvltge

    FS: NIB. Vmp TB, lethal h, 2.4 pulley, aux idler,pmas

    PM sent on TB and idler. Will text in am.
  15. hyvltge

    WTB Whipple

    As title states looking for a Whipple, 2.9 is preferred for ease of install. Blower or kit, let me know what you have.
  16. hyvltge

    WTB 13-14 Tails

    Found some.
  17. hyvltge

    WTB 13-14 Tails

    Stiiiiil looking
  18. hyvltge

    2011 Grabber Blue GT500 Photoshoot

    Performed paint correction and polish on the new to me GT500. Performance mods are in the works, but I did get it tinted, installed an axle back and a True Fiber carbon gurney flap. _MNR2349 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2347 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2342 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2326...
  19. hyvltge

    1986 GT build thread.

    Grand opening.....
  20. hyvltge

    Appreciate feedback on SW headers and 3" exhaust

    I had a full SW system on my 12 and loved it. As you know, it is not the cheapest option pricewise, however it is a solid system and sounds great.
  21. hyvltge

    TVS 2300 blower, plenum, T-body w/o electronics

    Interested, let me know.
  22. hyvltge

    My new to me 2011 Grabber Blue GT500

    I had it tinted and put a Roush axel back on as well. 6252095D-0B57-4BC9-84EA-00B1921BE4B4 by Mike Smith, on Flickr 0B677ECC-37F1-4104-B637-F8DC84EB6B90 by Mike Smith, on Flickr