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  1. einehund

    Clutch time

    So I'm pretty sure my clutch is on the way out. I don't feel it slipping, but I can smell clutch on every downshift and every time I'm getting on the gas, so I feel like it is only a matter of time. I upgraded my 2010's clutch to a 2013-14 clutch in 2015 or so, and have been incredibly happy...
  2. einehund

    Can't fix stupid

    I don't know, maybe rent a manual 1 series or something first? Maybe an early 2000's Focus? Nope! Lets learn on a 700k 550hp supercar.
  3. einehund

    Unleashedwheels not worth the time

    Just putting out information for general knowledge here: unleashedwheels cannot deliver items they advertise on their website, and ghost any communication request. I tried ordering some now difficult to find wheels for my wife's Focus ST, and they advertised them in stock. Purchased them on...
  4. einehund

    Struts for non-lowered car

    After 11 years and 8xxxx miles, I am pretty sure my front suspension is worn out. I've got a weird wear pattern on my front tires that indicates slop in the suspension. I was planning on throwing new strut mounts and then new strut assemblies at the issue as a first step. I have heard great...
  5. einehund

    Disappointment in Chemical Guy's citrus wheel cleaner

    Anyone else use this? For the first car show of the year last week, I had pulled the wheels off the Shelby for a deep cleaning of each recess and to get the barrels nice a new looking. I used the black magic no scrub wheel cleaner, but after letting it sit a minute, i used a wheel brush to...
  6. einehund

    Getting work done 2020 GT500

    Just saw this run a [email protected] tonight on street tires, spinning well past the 60' mark... Heard it has a jokerz ported blower, upper and lower, and exhaust.
  7. einehund

    Coronavirus boredom = new hobby

    So the house is still standing, I guess that is a positive.
  8. einehund

    Sync issue, dealer at fault?

    My sync every once in a while locked up my ipod. I would disconnect the ipod, let the battery drain, plug it back in and it would work again; sometimes for a day, sometimes for months - completely random. Yesterday I took the car in to get the passenger airbag recall done and asked them to...
  9. einehund

    Long tubes vs. O/R pipe

    As the title states, has anyone gone from just an Off-road pipe to Long tubes? Without the catalysts, I have to know that exhaust is flowing better than with stock pipes, but does anyone think that it flows close to what long tubes do? I would like to drop a bit of boost pressure and pick up...
  10. einehund

    Yeah! Finally new numbers!

    After a year, i finally found out what the angry smurf actually puts down!!
  11. einehund

    WTF. No fireworks?

    Being in Europe the last 3 years, new years is a huge deal. Even little ass rinky-dink towns, everybody buys everything that could possibly blow up and all go to random parks around the town to blow stuff up. Simply amazing. Now I'm here in the states, in a metro area that has almost 3 million...
  12. einehund

    M122 and 47 lb injectors *#7 added*

    $400 plus shipping for M122 with 2.59 pulley. $100 plus shipping for 47 lb injectors. 65k miles on both.
  13. einehund

    Elementary school is hard

    Why is it that left vs. right is so goddamn hard at Costco. Every. Damn. Time. There is a little arrow in the cluster that SHOWS THE SIDE OF THE DAMN GAS TANK! /rant
  14. einehund

    GT500 overheating

    After I noticed my A/C system wasn't cooling, I figured that it just needed recharged. I was refilling my A/C system and per instructions with the car on and all of a sudden my radiator coolant tank started spewing coolant out of the cap. I let the car cool for about 15 minutes and then fired...
  15. einehund

    Rear suspension replacement

    My right rear shock took a crap on me and is leaking oil. There are so many choices that I have no idea where to start. A bunch of the options while looking on Summit and American Muscle state that they are for the GT500, but I can't find any reviews from people with these cars; all the...
  16. einehund

    Hiked to the summit of an active volcano!

    Last night, driving home with the family, saw some glowing red from the top of Mt. Etna. I've been waiting for the opportunity to see a lava eruption for almost a year now, so I asked the family if they wanted an excursion. A five hour hike later, I got to take the video I've been dreaming of...
  17. einehund

    Built rear end?

    I'm moving back to the U.S. which means I can go back to drag racing. However, i love corners at speeds as well. Currently have a bone stock rear end with some LCAs. I think i may have lightly bent an axle while playing around, so i am thinking just to get a built rear. I'd like something that i...
  18. einehund

    Moving to St. Louis

    Anyone in the area know any reputable shops to get a built rear end? Now that I'm on the way back to the States, it is time to hit the strip again, and not sure how long I can keep beating on the stock rear. Already had 60 or so passes from last time in the states.
  19. einehund

    Moving to St. Louis

    As the thread states, moving from Italy to St. Louis. What is the car scene like? Any good tracks for 1/4 mile and also roadcourse? Any reputable mechanics or speed shops? Thanks!
  20. einehund

    annoying squeak

    So my car has developed an annoying squeak that i've narrowed down to the passenger side rear axle area. The squeak is definitely something rotating. The squeak is a very light chirp chirp chirp at low speeds and barely any throttle and seems to happen more when making gradual soft turns. I...
  21. einehund

    Steering wheel part number?

    Can someone verify the GT500 steering wheel for a 2010 is part CR3Z-3600-AB? I tried to order one from Tasca, but they are saying that is not the correct part number, and the number they are saying is AR3Z-3600-AA. The ford part diagram leaves alot to be desired, but the AR3Z looks to be the...
  22. einehund

    Pcm/ecm bricked?

    If the pcm or ecm gets bricked, will it still take a tune? the following is my email to my tuner: "I'm on the road. I did another test hit. Didn't get to 6500, maybe 6250. Felt like something just stopped... like belt slip or when you hit the rev limiter. Car went into limp mode and as soon as...
  23. einehund

    OEM car cover care?

    So being that I am currently in Sicily and have an active volcano about 20 miles from me, i've had my OEM car cover on whenever I am not driving. I recently came back home after 2 months working in the sandbox, and my car cover was coated in a fine layer of ash. I carefully pulled the cover off...
  24. einehund

    Ngauge and electrical question

    So I bought an Ngauge and the zt-2 AFR & datalogging system with the fuel pressure and boost pressure sensors. I am reading through the install instructions and they leave a little to be desired. Anyone done this and have some nifty pictures or anything of how they've routed the wires or where...
  25. einehund

    Thank you VMP black friday sales!!

    Got a Gen2r, 13-14 injectors and a boost-a-pump on the way!!! 15% of head units when I need a new one makes it a no brainer! Now the question... the car has a Lund tune on it and my trusty x3 has been uploading tunes for years. But I'll need a new tune, which will require A/F monitoring...