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    WTB 03/04 Cobra in Texas

    What is your budget as I have a white 03 coupe with KB 2.2 and BBS RKs? Located 2 hours from FW
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    The Official BBS RK Plasma Thread

    Love how this thread is still alive and well Have had mine for several years and love it
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    Looking for 2003-04 Oxford White Cobra

    2003 Oxford white coupe with 63,xxx miles with the screaming hard to find KB 2.2 Not sure what your budget is but I would let it go for $25k With the rare BBS RK wheels $29,500
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    Wanted: 03/04 Cobra Oem Hood

    Need a 2003/2004 Cobra Hood Oem preferably white Let me know Thank you
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    Recommend me an electric screw driver

    Guys/gals, In need of my first good electric screw driver. Would like one easy to hold, light weight and perhaps one with different speeds so I don't strip screws. Uses include taking trim parts out of cars, hanging curtains, shelves, etc... Any ideas? Amazon is a little overwhelming lol
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    Looking for a 4x4 winter driver for under $10,000, any advice?

    Hi guys/gals, I live in North Texas and I currently drive a 2004 Honda Civic as my daily and last winter I felt very uncomfortable in the small car in occasional snow and ice. I'm looking for a 2nd daily driver vehicle under $10,000. Any advice on what's a good vehicle to get me through the...
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    Installing the REAR Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines, ?

    Guys, Installing the REAR Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines and I'm not sure if I have an issue or not. It seems that the top of the new stainless line near the banjo end is touching the underside of the control arm. I have tried adjusting the provided rubber brackets and it's still barely...
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    ? Regarding 2013 HIDs versus aftermarket

    Guys, I plan on buying a ford raptor in the very near future and want HIDs! I want to know if it's dumb for me to buy a 2013 raptor just bc the factory HIDs when I could buy a 2010 and put some equivalent HIDs in the truck. My concern is that the aftermarket HIDs might not be up to factory...
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    Installing Russell Stainless Steel Brake Hoses on Front....question

    Guys, I'm about to tackle the Russell stainless steel brake line install for the front of my 2003 Cobra. I have a question regarding the E-clips that are provided with the new Russell kit. The 1st picture is my front left line stock. The 2nd is the new russell left front brake line (2nd pic)...
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    How to keep air from getting in Master Cylinder, while having brake calipers off?

    Guys, Looking for a little input as I have heard about the horror stories of getting air in the master cylinder and then paying ford to pump it out with their machine. This is NOT an option for me. I plan to send my stock front brake calipers to blkGT500nCA in Cali to have them...
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    Sold my truck and then the trouble began...Title question

    Need a little input from yall so I turn to SVTperf. I had a guy named Austin test drive my truck tonight and he agreed to buy the 1994 z71 for $1800. Cash was given to me and we signed the title to Austin the new owner. 30 minutes later the truck broke down on Austin. He said the oil pressure...
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    Getting ready to change my Third FRTOB, need some advice

    Guys, Need a little input here. My Ox 03 Cobra has had a bad Ford Racing HD TOB(2nd FRTOB) for the last 2 years and I have driven it off and on while in Grad school. My question is should I be able to get away with just replacing it or is there a chance other damage has occured to perhaps my...
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    Are BBS RKs reverse mountable?

    Guys, I have a set of newly finished BBS RKs that I will be getting new tires put on. I was wondering if they can be reverse mounted to minimize the potential for damage on the face of the wheel. Thank you for your input.
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    ? regarding tire size for 18X8.5 BBS RK rim

    Matt, Been in a bind trying to figure out what size I should go with for my freshly chromed BBS RK 18X8.5 inch front rims. I really want the edge of the rim protected! Been thinking that the 40 series will protect the rim a little better over the 35. Here are the 2 different types of tires I'm...
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    Oil leak on Cobra...rear of oil pan/trans?

    Guys, Input is appreciated. Finally was able to put the 59,000 mile Terminator on the lift and noticed that I have some oil that leaks between the rear of the oil pan and transmission. Input is appreciated. I hope that makes sense. This has been going on for a few months and believe me, I'm...
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    Anybody using a Deltran Battery Tender on their Terminator?

    Guys, Going to order a Deltran Battery like one of these as my car sits for some time to time: DELTRAN BATTERY TENDER PLUS CHARGER/MAINTAINER 12 VOLT | eBay Do any of you all use the quick disconnect cable that allows you to plug it up and disconnect it with the hood closed. If so, where...
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    Anyone ever gotten their wheels rechromed/redone before...if so, come on in!

    I have a set of BBS RKs that I want to get back to the proper Plasma finish or similar finish. However, they do not offer the Plasma finish anymore. SO, I have 2 options if I want the shine look. Chrome Plating $157 a wheel or PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) $180 a wheel I have...
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    ? Regarding widening my BBS RK 18X8.5 to 18X10 in the rear? Backspacing

    Need some input for my 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra with IRS I have a (4) 18X8.5 BBS RK that have ET25 (backspacing). I really want 18X10 BBS RK wheels that can accept a wider tire such as a 315/30/18Dr but these aren't made anymore, but factory spec on the 18X10 that they used to make was...
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    Wanted BBS RKs 18X8.5 and 18X10

    In the hunt for a set of BBS RKs for my 2003 Mustang Cobra. 18X8.5 and 18X10 rears Would really like to find a set in the plasma finish. If not, I plan to get them powdercoated/chromed. PM if you are thinking about selling or have a set! Thanks Svtperf
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    Who has snapped a halfshaft with the IRS FullTilt BoogieBushing kit?

    Just curious, I do not have the FullTilt Kit and I have NOT snapped one...just wondering Who has snapped a halfshaft with the IRS FullTilt BoogieBushing kit?:rockon:
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    School me on Battery Tenders

    Guys, Looking for a little input. Since starting school again, my 03 Cobra has not been driven much. The car sits under a covered parking lot for days at a time. Lately I'm having issues as the battery keeps dying. The battery and alt are pretty new so I'm thinking to stay proactive, I should...
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    CELs: Lean Bank 1 and Bank 2, looked over vacuum hoses and found THIS!

    Guys, As some of you know, I have been having 2 codes popping up consistently for Lean Bank 1 and Lean Bank 2 on my KB Cobra. This all happened after being 2 years problem free with the Kenne Bell. My question is this. I found this vacuum hose/elbow, collapsed with a cut in it and am...
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    What does your Terminator idle at, after warmed up?

    Guys, Just curious what your Terminator idles at after warm up with accessories off or on (list them, such as A/C, lights, radio, etc)...not sure if it's called closed or open loop? I feel mine idles high lately (gas mileage sucks), and it used to idle around 850rpms, I thought...
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    Testing a car battery with my Digital Multimeter

    Guys, Just wanted to clarify that I'm doing this right. I'm trying to test my car battery for my dad and I swear my multimeter is not working correct. I hook up the red to the positive, black to the negative, and I turn the multimeter to the below setting indicated in the picture. 20V All I...