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  1. GodStang

    KMJ Motorsports is NOW AVAILABLE here at Lethal Performance!

    Just bought mine last month and it’s an amazing alternator and the owner was very helpful!
  2. GodStang

    Terminator/Cobra Lower intake Manifold on Navi 4v heads

    At one time there was a lot of info on Navi heads on terminators on another site. There are pros and cons with going with the Navi but it has been done a number of times.
  3. GodStang

    Engine cooling fan recommendations

    S197 and Borla ATAKS add 100hp everyone knows this. I tried to put a Mark VIII in mine but my aftermarket radiator is too big and it would not fit. I am about to do the Cobra Engineering Crossover delete and will attempt to install the Mark VIII again with the freed up room.
  4. GodStang


    ATAKS just sound aweful. SLP, M50, S-Type (Stingers) and magnapaks are loud but there is still the smooth sound of the Mod Motor. With the ATAKS it just sounds like broken glass being shook around in a metal trash can. By far the worse sounding exhaust on a mod motor. Not a Borla hater...
  5. GodStang

    Anyone running a 10" Radio (Atoto S8)

    How do you like it. Dumb question but is it the F7 or is it the 7” S8?
  6. GodStang

    Anyone running a 10" Radio (Atoto S8)

    Thanks so much. My old ass did not know that and Googling “Tesla Radio 2004 Mustang” I get what I want to see:
  7. GodStang

    Anyone running a 10" Radio (Atoto S8)

    I am looking at replacing the stock double din radio with a Android OS (not Android base OS) one to run Agama Car Launcher, Shadow Dash and datalog my Megasquirt. I really like the Atoto S8. It comes in normal 7" Double Din and then one that sticks out a bit that is 10"-ish. I was wondering...
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    Is it just my area or are there a ton of Terminators on the Market?

    Haha our #3 is now older and we are about to sell our minivan for a SUV.
  9. GodStang

    Smelling fuel car not starting

    In for FRPS.
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    I have swapped Borlas out on IRS. I just found the size I wanted and pulled the old muffler and added the new.
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    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    I have not gone to the shop to put it next to the car but here is two different Blues next to a model. With it just being accents and brackets I may just go with it. I got some time to figure it out: That is a beautiful color. Need to get some just to play with.
  12. GodStang

    Installing ATS Brembos on the Cobra.

    I have been running the stock 5 spokes now since I did this mod and zero problems.
  13. GodStang

    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    Here is my attempt at mixing the two colors above:
  14. GodStang

    eBay coolant tanks?

    Remember when cantons where popping welds on a daily basis? Pepperidge Farms Remembers!
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    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    I am going to try and combine these two and see what we get:
  16. GodStang

    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    Wow! How in the world did you figure out that combo? I have a couple similar purples and blues…. I may go out and test what they come out with.
  17. GodStang

    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    Yes please. I prefer to use prismatic as I have been using them for about 10 years.
  18. GodStang

    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    Ya I saw that one and then Racerats. With them being 12+ years old I am wondering if still the same or if better now a days. Thanks where did you get your powder from?
  19. GodStang

    Kenny Brown IRS Carrier

    Plus pretty sure KB was going through Cancer at that time so his parts were the least of his worries. I have run KB parts since 2001 on different cars and they have been great. I won’t run FTBR stuff on my cars but that’s another story for another day.
  20. GodStang

    AFS 18" Cobra Wheels

    I have a set of the 17” chrome AFS and the face of the wheel is fine but the areas around the holes are very flakey and not smooth. It was common on them. Not a big deal back in the day when they were under $200 a wheel new.
  21. GodStang

    What Powder matches Sonic Blue best?

    It’s been about 15 years since I last checked on Sonic Blue Powder Coat. I was wondering if anyone knew now a days which color matches best? I am bored and was going to powder coat some of my stuff and did not want to order 10 different powders to see what matches now a days.
  22. GodStang

    Hood Struts on Cervini Hood?

    Ya the HOF hood is much smaller than the Cervinis. The Cervinis is 3.5” vs the original 1.5”. I contacted Cervini about the weight to double check.
  23. GodStang

    Hood Struts on Cervini Hood?

    Hello! I am replying to the question sent to MRT asking: Do y’all have any hood Struts that would fit a Cervini hood on an 03 Cobra? Yes, we have a hood strut kit for you! You need part # 80D000 and will need special gas cylinder sizing for your Cervini hood. To define the proper size, we need...
  24. GodStang

    Hood Struts on Cervini Hood?

    Do you know what weight and have you had an issues?