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  1. ScreamingFast

    Back in a SVT

    XE Rsport
  2. ScreamingFast

    Back in a SVT

    yeah I started parking on the open lot next to my house!
  3. ScreamingFast

    Back in a SVT

    Good point, totally forgot that, used to the first Gen as SVT Model.
  4. ScreamingFast

    Back in a SVT

    Got her this weekend! Been on the hunt for one and finally got one and I must say I am not disappointed at all!
  5. ScreamingFast

    2019 Ford Ranger | Road Test

    I wish there was two engine options and a manual version too. Looks are subjective but personally I am not in love with the looks. The soft rounded looks seem like a step back considering most trucks are more squared or harder edged. I am holding out to see what the Bronco will look like...
  6. ScreamingFast

    Spy Shots—RAM Rebel TRX Mule Caught for the First Time

    Rumor is the the Raptor will be getting a new V8. Either way there is a thing as too much power and the case of an off road truck that 707 might be over kill. On the street it will be a beast (which most of these trucks will see) but that isn't the intent.
  7. ScreamingFast

    Modified 2003 Mustang Cobra - One Take

    This really makes me miss my Cobra so much!!
  8. ScreamingFast

    New wheels (19x11) on my 2003 cobra

    Love it, just badass!
  9. ScreamingFast

    TNT's Animal Kingdom

    We watch this and love it. Not sure how I feel about Dennis Leary coming aboard the show.
  10. ScreamingFast

    FS: 2003 MG 2.3 VMP

    OP, sent you text message
  11. ScreamingFast

    Gen 2 CTS-V Brakes on my 03 Cobra

    Pretty much my favorite Cobra out there right now.
  12. ScreamingFast

    Terminator Cobra Ride Along Epic Audio

    Makes miss mine so much!
  13. ScreamingFast

    04 Comp Orange Coupe.

    Is this still available and where in NC are you located?
  14. ScreamingFast

    Fastest Car coming to Netflix, might be good

    still better than half the stuff out there so might as watch it......
  15. ScreamingFast

    2020 Bronco

    So based on the shape it looks similar to the concept pictures that have been out. I am wanting another "fast" since I have been in a truck for so long but I might give that dream up for this!!
  16. ScreamingFast

    cts-v 748 rwhp whipple sc

    CTSV or ATSV only GM car I'd own, love them!
  17. ScreamingFast

    Deadpool, Meet Cable - New Trailer

    Why is Cable wearing a cape/long scarf backwards?
  18. ScreamingFast

    New GT500 has 772hp

    How would you guys feel if it was a Hybird?
  19. ScreamingFast

    German/ European cars

    I am actually looking the Audi RS5 or GT350 as my next car. Two different cars but both have high reving v8s. The 350 is more of the drivers car but the Audi is way nicer and more refined. As far as the M3 (v8) its nice but i keep hearing the same thing about reliability.
  20. ScreamingFast

    Ford Performance Vehicles

    Yeah wish that was the PP2 GT to see how it stacks up against the GT350
  21. ScreamingFast

    MT H2H 2018 Mustang GTPP1 and SS 1LE

    I think the PP2 package will surprise you guys. I just wish there was another name for the upper end handling package like the Camaro has 1LE. I (know Ford uses "R" (GT350R and GT500R) but that won't work on a GT......GTR. Anyways, I still would rather own the GT350 just for the 5.2 voodoo...