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    Wtb:silver,sonic blue dsg cobra 03/04 near georgia

    Like the title says right around 20k in the Georgia area text is better during the day 404 468 5629 Thanks
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    Help on search for taillights.

    Buddy of mine tinted my stock tails,they look great but ive been stopped 3 times because of them..Ive been looking for a smoked tail light thats factory smoked.i dont like what American muscle has because i dont like that there reverse light isnt smoked and there not dark enough..If anyone knows...
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    Pic request-Silver mustang black chrome wheels.

    Like the title says...thinking bout selling the fr500's to get black chrome saleens or 03/04 cobra's..if you have em post chrome wheels on silver stangs. Thanks
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    Just another GT.

    Hey guys this is my 03 GT got rid of all the junkers and bought this.Ive had it for about a year now finally posting pics and i absolutely love the car,not a cobra but it'll do for now...didnt look like this when i got it,so far i have a bassani o/r x,slp loudmoth 1 catback,triax short...
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    Pic request,foxbody with anthracite bullitt wheels

    like the title says,this might be the wrong forum,but i need some pics of anthracite bullitt wheels on a foxbody mainly a blackcar,but any color doesnt matter... Thanks
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    Whats a dead coil look like?

    I need to know what a dead coil looks like,and are they on the stock springs in a 94-98 mustang gt.Also if its cut off how low would it drop the car.I need to know asap
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    Anyone with pics of Simmons FR series wheels an a stang.

    Looking into buying some simmons fr series wheels for my stang.wanna see some more pics of the wheels on some mustangs.If you got em lets see em.Thanks
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    Post up Red Stangs with black 95 cobra r's.

    like the title says.preferably on an sn95,but post up if you got em..Thanks
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    550+whp cobra VS 2 GT30R EVO's

    sorry if this is a repost but this is the best sounding cobra ive ever heard in in my ife.
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    searching for car with 18x12.5 rims w/345's

    i found a picture of a new edge mustang but it was a gt and it had those size rims and tires on it and i cant find where the picture is,so if you know what im talking about please post the pics.. Thanks