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    WTB: SRA Lowering Springs

    Looking for lowering springs for my 98. Mainly looking for H&R super sports or race, Eibach sportlines, or steed sports. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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    WTB: 94-98 Saleen Front Bumper

    I have a buyer lined up for my cobra bumper in a couple weeks so Im starting a search for a saleen bumper. Id like to find a urethane one without any cracks. Paint isnt a huge deal. Id need it shipped to 47906. Thanks
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    WTB: 245/40/18 - 275/35/18 Tires

    WTB: 255/35/18 - 265/35/18 Tires Looking for some tires guys. I need (2) 255/35/18's or (2) 265/35/18's. Not really concerned on brand as long as they have good tread and aren't cut up.
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    Suggestions for used entry level dslr < $300

    For Christmas I am looking to get myself an entry level dslr. So far I have been looking used because I dont have a lot of extra money to spend on what and I dont want to blow a lot just getting into the hobby. I have been considering a Canon t1i or t2i but am open to options. Id like to be...
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    1995 Mustang GT - Indiana - $6000

    No longer for sale
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    95 5.0 Photo Shoot - Gold XXR's

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    17x9.75 (4) XXR 535's with Tires - Around Indiana

    WTT 17x9.75 (4) XXR 535's with Tires - Around Indiana Looking at possibly trading my 17x9.75 XXR 535's with a +20 offset. Front tires are 255/40/17 Sumitomos and rears are 275/40/17 Sumitomos. Tires have great tread. Wheels are only a few months old and 9/10 in condition. Looking to trade for...
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    Giving Video Editing a Try - Black And Gold Content

    Gave video filming/editing a try today. Any comments/criticism welcome. Thanks
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    MM solid steering rack bushings - New

    Have a set of brand new MM solid steering rack bushings, part MMST-7. Package has been open but never used. Asking $35 shipped. Can get pics if needed. Thanks
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    Parking Garage Photo Shoot

    Parking Garage Photo Shoot - Black and Gold
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    Gold XXR 535's - 95 GT

    Finally got my tires mounted today so I threw the new wheels on. They are 17x9.75 XXR 535's all around with 255/40 fronts and 275/40 rears Friends RB25 240 with xxr's Front clearance is very tight Lots of room in the rear Im in college and the car is my DD so it is dirty
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    FS: OEM SVT Center Caps

    Looking for $75 shipped
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    Slammed 95 GT - Gold Fr500's

    Did a small photo shoot the other day after lowering the rear a little more
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    WTB: 2 245/40/18 BFG KDW's

    WTB: 2 265/35/18 BFG KDW's or other Looking for a set of 2 265/35/18 bfg kdw's with decent tread. Let me know what you've got. May also be interested in others. Thanks
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    FS: Eibach prokit front springs

    For sale is a set of prokit front springs. Part # is 3510.301. Can get pics if needed. Looking for $70 + shipping
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    Gold Fr500s on my 95 GT

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    My 95 GT

    Just got the new wheels on last week and went out to take a couple pictures
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    WTB: 275/35/18 - 295/35/18 Rear Tires

    Looking for some rear tires. Open to any size really from 275/35/18 and up. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    WTB: 03-04 Cobra front struts

    Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Vent Gauge Pod

    I've decided I wont be needing this anymore so I'm throwing it up for sale. It is one of the custom vent gauge pods that there was a group buy for a while back. I just have one for sale and is in good condition. Make me on offer
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    PA Performance Premium Power Wire

    For sale is a slightly used PA Performance premium power wire. I used it for a few thousand miles and realized I didnt need it and its just been sitting in my room. $60 new Im asking $30obo. PA Performance Premium Mustang Power Wire Kit (86-93 Mustang) 9902 - Free Shipping!
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    Looking for 1 18x9 roush argent wheel

    I need 1 18x9 roush argent wheel. Not to worried about condition as long as there are no bends or cracks. Let me know. Thanks
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    WTB: 295/35/18 - 305/35/18 Tires

    Looking for some decent 295/35/18's or 305/35/18's. Let me know what you have. May also be interested in 285/35/18's if price is good.
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    Silver 95 R Replicas with tires

    Have a set of 95 cobra r replicas. They are 17x9 front and 17x10.5 rear. Condition is about 8/10 with a few nicks in the lug holes. Tires are 245/45/17 and 315/35/17 sumitomos. Fronts have about 70% tread as rears only 30%. Located in Indy asking $600OBO + shipping.
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    WTB: 2 18x9 Saleens

    Looking for 2 18x9 saleens in any color but chrome/hypercoated. Interested with tires and also without. Let me know what you have. Thanks