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    Holy ****! Lope King!!!!

    Badass, but that mf is gonna buck like a Spanish bull at low speed.
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    2023 C8 Z06 news

    Can’t wait!
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    Jay Leno Sets 1/4 Mile Production Car Record Tesla Plaid [email protected]

    Results are in, the thing is mind ****ing bending fast. My brother and I both have had many 700hp+ cars and this car is in a different universe. If acceleration is your party trick, look no further. NOTHING will touch this thing on the street. It’s also concerning that anyone can own this...
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    Jay Leno Sets 1/4 Mile Production Car Record Tesla Plaid [email protected]

    My brother is getting his Plaid today and I am very much looking forward to driving it. Will report back later today with my impressions.
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    Rimac Nevera: 8.6 on an unprepped surface

    There is no question electric cars have and will commoditize acceleration and performance. In the future, people will drive ICE because of its flaws...not because of any performance advantage. The ICE experience will be more about driver emotion and involvement. Banging gears (be it DCT or...
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    Mortal Kombat movie trailer

    Update: I saw it and gat-damnit :(. They could have done so many different things and actually made a legit movie this time around, but they F’ed it up bad. I prefer the one from the 90’s.
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    C7zr1 values wayyy up...

    Everything is crazy high right now. Standard Gen V Vipers are selling for $100k. I sold my TA for $115k and like 1 month later it looks like it could sell for $130k. Housing, cars, stocks...everything is in the stratosphere price wise. The pendulum swings both ways. The larger the amplitude in...
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    Mortal Kombat movie trailer

    I am looking forward to this reboot.
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    McLaren 765LT- 1/4 mile pass on the street

    Car shreds for sure.
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    500rwhp GT350 vs 450 rwhp 10r80 GT

    I won’t lie, I expected the 10spd car to win. Good races, strong GT350.
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Bought this a few months ago and have been tickled pink for the amount of value you get for the $$. So far, it’s been a great truck and drives amazingly.
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    All-Electric Action Hero | Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 | Ford Performance

    Very fast, but no theater. The smell, the sound, the pressure shockwaves of a nasty ICE at full tilt...these are all part of the entertainment factor that electric propulsion will never replicate.
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    Big power Vipers racing in OKC

    That’s right, search my previous threads to see if I am “lying” hahaha
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    Big power Vipers racing in OKC

    Ok, then see my comment about my Gen 2.
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    Big power Vipers racing in OKC

    I am modded and have never broken this Viper or either of my previous two which were also modded. Hell, my Gen 2 GTS was a stock motor twin turbo car making 900whp and the current owner put more than 15k miles on that setup beyond the 5k I did.
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    My new hobby which will most likely kill me...

    KTM 350 Sxf here, but I use it for trail riding only so never really get above 3rd gear and spend most of my time in 1st or 2nd (tight trails). Absolutely gear up every single time without question. I took a low speed fall 2yrs ago that knocked me out and gave me a concussion that stuck with me...
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    ISF vs Boss 302

    ^ He was likely referring to the Boss.
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    7:01 - The Story of Viper's Return to the Green Hell

    Gen V owner here, but I just lost my shit :D
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    7:01 - The Story of Viper's Return to the Green Hell

    Former Gen 2 (99 GTS) and IV (09 VOI Coupe) owner, current Gen V (2014 TA) owner here. There is no question the Gen V is the best car in terms of being an actual car. It marries all the rawness and charm of the Gen 2 with the modern expectations/amenities of vehicle ownership. Best Viper...
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    ISF vs Boss 302

    Randomly caught up with my brother on the highway in his 2013 intake/header(catless)/tune Boss 302. My car has the same bolt ons with an exhaust. We got a hit from 40 to 150 that ended in a dead damn heat. Give the videographer a bit of a break, she hasn’t been dating my brother very long so...
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    720S vs TT Coyote vs EVO 8

    What in the ever living hell was the Evo doing?
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    641hp Lamborghini Urus SUV vs 797hp Challenger Redeye WB at Laguna Seca

    Don’t understand the relevance of this test. One land barge was meant for 1/4 mile hits and the other for rich significant others to haul kids to soccer.