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  1. 92LX302

    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    Bronco's 3 years old now.
  2. 92LX302

    Overstocked :: Anyone Want an SVTP T-Shirt

    Paypal sent, thanks!
  3. 92LX302

    Overstocked :: Anyone Want an SVTP T-Shirt

    @SID297 How much shipped to Nova Scotia? B0E3B0. I'd take 2 L.
  4. 92LX302

    2019 Ford Ranger

    I like it. That's what I would've bought when I purchased my 15 Lariat F150 if they were available then. Now, I'm waiting on the Bronco to see if it's half decent. With a big dog (GSD) I think a SUV would be me useful.
  5. 92LX302

    2019 Silverado Unveiled...

    I thought it was supposed to be all new? Isn't that a carry-over interior?
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    What's one thing someone told you about a car that made you think "What?"

    Ha. I'm a LEO, and yesterday me and my coworker were at a scene. I drive a Sedan Interceptor (3.7/AWD) while he drives a previous gen PPV Tahoe (2WD). We also have a 4WD Tahoe at the office. The driveway leading back to the highway was a big hill and was covered in ice from a recent snow...
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    2018 Ford Expedition | Quick Spin

    One will be replacing my 15 Lariat in the near future. It's just way more practical now with the german shepherd.
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    How does Cylinder Deactivation actually save fuel?

    My personal vehicle is a 15 Lariat 5.0 with the 6 speed on 34.5" KO2s. It gets significantly better mileage than my work vehicle, a base model 16 Tahoe 4WD with the 5.3 on stock size tires.
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    2006-2011 Full-Size AWD Sedan - Daily Driver - Under $15K - Under 80K miles

    I think they killed the AWD/Hemi with the last refresh.
  10. 92LX302

    Fords that were never put into production.

    The 2007 Interceptor concept.
  11. 92LX302

    First Bronco test mule spotted

    That's an Everest doing some testing in NA like they've been testing the European Ranger down here for the last 10 years. Same platform but not a Bronco. Styling has been confirmed to be based off the 1973 MY. There's some rumors the body on frame Everest and the unibody Explorer would be...
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    2018 F-150 Spotted in the Wild

    That's pretty much my truck (2015 Platinum White Lariat) but facelifted. I dig it!
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    Terminator Exhaust Manifolds

    I have to replace a manifold gasket and have a set of these laying around... Worth bolting them instead of the 99 ones? Would they even fit? I don't plan to install headers anytime soon.
  14. 92LX302

    If there was one specific make of vehicle you could remove from existence...

    Chrysler. Just kill them off, already. Make the Pacifica the Caravan and create a higher end version of the Charger to replace the 300.
  15. 92LX302

    Barrow, Alaska

    Pretty good chance I'll be up in Nunavut working for a month next fall. Pretty similar living conditions.
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    What'd You Get for Father's Day?

    Not a father myself (yet...), but brought mine to a carshow and spent the day together. Oh yeah and a set of 3.73s for his Mustang.
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    Stock wheels with spacers

    Thanks for the answers guys!
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    Stock wheels with spacers

    @slo984now Remember how wide your spacers were?
  19. 92LX302

    Stock wheels with spacers

    Anyone running them? Looking to run some in the back with my stock wheels with a full coil cut off my stock springs.
  20. 92LX302

    17x9 OEM SVT Cobra Wheels & 275/40/17 Eagle F1's

    Nova Scotia, family in New Brunswick. I found a set locally this afternoon. Thanks and GLWS!
  21. 92LX302

    17x9 OEM SVT Cobra Wheels & 275/40/17 Eagle F1's

    Ugh you're on the wrong side of Maine lol
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    Carlisle All Ford Nationals 2017 Mega Thread

    I met a guy 2 days ago here in Nova Scotia with a mint white Lightning. Said he won second place in his class. He was on his way back from the show.
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    New Mach1 or Bullitt?

    When I was shopping for a New Edge, I was surprised by the prices of the Bullitts. I picked up a 99 Cobra for much cheaper than Bullitts with similar mileage/condition were going for. While the 99 Cobra isn't anything special, it had the 4V and the IRS...
  24. 92LX302

    T45 MGW

    Mind doing me a price shipped to Canada? B0E 3B0
  25. 92LX302

    Post one newer pic of your 99/01 Cobra (EVERYONE!!!)

    Yes sir. Bilsteins, MM Caster Camber Plates, FLSFC and Stinger catback is on the way.