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    Been a long time

    I have not posted or hung out around here very much in the last 3 or 4 years. I have had other priorities, but still have my car. Since that time there have been many changes in technology. I have worked over c-heads, c-head intake, and an extra block that I have been holding for like 6 years...

    help me find my missing MPH

    So the first time I ever ran my car I was trapping in the 104.5 105 mph range with 2.10.2-20 60 ft. Best run then was a 13.9. Then the next time I went out I was trapping in the 100-101 mph range with 2.10-2.20 60 ft. Only change in between that I can think of was changing over to COP...

    Dallas Speed Cal.

    Guys I need to figure out what my codes need to be for my Dallas speed cal. We switched to 4.30s and have 18's with MT P305/35/R18 on the rear. Trying to get this thing to read correctly. Right now at about 10mph it read 30 mph and gets worse from there. Other than that my new built rear...


    I'm looking to get the s281 spoiler and it says it is out of stock. Do you guys know when you will be getting more? I would prefer to give my business to a supporter of SVTP. Thanks!

    Geothermal heating/cooling, who's got it?

    Well I'm looking at my options. It looks like I will need to replace my oil boiler and central AC one the next year. I am thinking geo will be a better bet although a tad more expensive I figure since I have to upgrade two systems it won't be that much difference and the savings over oil fuel...

    Oil Heat/ Conversions

    I am looking at buying a home with oil heat/ boiler with baseboard heat. Anyways I am looking at what is best, I am thinking of replacing the system with a propane or maybe adding a heat pump if I replace the a.c system to use when it's not super cold. Just kind of weighing my options. The...

    good deal on craigslist

    4.6 Ford Racing Aluminator engine For anyone that knows enough what they are doing this could be a great deal. I don't have the experience to tell whats what and if everything is in good condition but for the price anyone in MACA might be interested . I thought I would pass it on. I was...

    Identifty theft just heppend to me.

    Ok so I just found out someone has my SS# name address and has been opening phone accounts. So far AT&T was the only one to confirm for sure that they were successful. I pulled my 3 credit reports and saw they also have inquiries from Nextel/Sprint and some company called nTelos. I am waiting to...

    Identity Theft happening now!!!

    Ok so I just found out someone has my SS# name address and has been opening phone accounts. So far AT&T was the only one to confirm for sure that they were successful. I pulled my 3 credit reports and saw they also have inquiries from Nextel/Sprint and some company called nTelos. I am waiting...
  10. PSUCOBRA96

    ABS going of due to mismatch tire size

    So my ABS is going off above 45 miles an hour. I have old MT 305/35-18 drag on the rear and a nitto 265/35-18 93 W on the front. I measured them and about 25 inches on the front and 26 and a quarter on the rear. Websites say that the MT is a 27 inch and the nittos are 25.28 diameter tire...
  11. PSUCOBRA96

    looking for teksid block

    I am gathering parts for my new build and am looking for a stock teksid block, anyone got one sitting around?
  12. PSUCOBRA96

    Getting serious about building the motor

    Well I have had the car for 11 years and it is time.....time to build me a bad ass motor. So I am looking into suggestions and peoples advice and experience with different vendors etc. Right now I am looking at stroking the motor out to a 302, using a teksid block, and a set of worked over...
  13. PSUCOBRA96

    good painters body shops

    Well I need to have my deck lid painted and a new wing painted for the car, and now some minor body work. I had the pleasure of using the eastwood fender roller which worked fine. I then used their damn fender finisher and it put a nice ass ripple in the render and looks like poop. I am at...
  14. PSUCOBRA96

    Hard Drive failure recovery

    Wife's Macbook appears to have had a hard drive failure, what's the best program or way to recover what we can. She wants her pictures she never backed up even though she has an external hard drive, which I use because I have had it happen to me before. According to her Macbooks "never" fail...
  15. PSUCOBRA96

    good glass polish

    My wife's jeep was purchased back in January. I now have the time and the weather to polish the glass. Originally the windshield was supposed to be replaced so when I purchased the vehicle I wasn't concerned about the glass as I thought it be new, instead they half assed repaired a chip but...
  16. PSUCOBRA96

    tire size questions

    I just got some saleen 18x9 for the front and 18 x 10's for the rear. What is the best tire size for this combo. Gonna be getting nittos of some type, either nt-05 or the 555. Is a 40 or 45 sidewall better? Since so many have saleens I figure someone already knows the perfect combo.
  17. PSUCOBRA96

    Stock 03-04 Chrome svt wheels for sale

    Hey guys, I got in total 4 Chrome 03-04 SVT wheels for sale. Two are in good condition and 2 are not. 1 has chrome peeling real bad on the inside, so I had to sand it some and paint it with silver paint as a temp. fix. The other I think has some minor bubbling and peeling of chrome compared...
  18. PSUCOBRA96

    looking for wheels

    I need to either buy new tires for all four corners, and a replacement 03 cobra chrome wheel or I am thinking of stepping up to something like 18 inch saleens. So I wanted to see what rims people had laying around. Either 17 inch chrome cobras or something in the18 variety. So does anyone...
  19. PSUCOBRA96

    how long to swap to C heads

    How fast can this be done, me and a guy with lots of experience with motors, ford and chevy push-rod, 05 and up 3 valves from trucks as well as ford diesel engines. Has every tool you can imagine, and more. Can we realistically get it done in a weekend? The plan would be pull the motor on a...
  20. PSUCOBRA96


    you website is giving me fits, so I need to see what you can offer for 17 inch stock 04 cobra rim for Nitto. I am thinking about a a 285 40-17 or 265 something close to that. It depends on the price I would need at least two, and would you recommend putting these on all four rims or just...
  21. PSUCOBRA96

    Creating a Cabin Filter

    Sp after replacing cabin filters in a few cars this winter, and seeing how absolutely nasty and disgusting they were. I decided to take some time and see if I cant come up with an aftermarket cabin filter using some already pre-maid manufacturers plastic holder and filters. I have a Haynes...
  22. PSUCOBRA96

    Testing COPs

    Hey guys, I made the switch to COPS. Last trip to the track the car seemed to fall flat on the top end even though it was a nice night at the track. Car lost several MPH on the top end. Any way to check the COP's? They are used and I have no idea how many miles they have on the but I am...
  23. PSUCOBRA96

    Joe Frazier dead

    R.I.P, just cant fight cancer the same way Just saw it on television that he has passed, so I guess this time its real Joe Frazier 1944-2011 - So Long Smokin' Joe
  24. PSUCOBRA96

    Hard Cider and General Fall Spirits

    The Pumpkin Ale thread got me thinking, lots of other great Fall drinks out there, so what else you guys got? Drinking some Hard Cider now, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, tastes good and really reminds me of the Fall. Most times I like t mix hot apple cider and captains on a cool football...
  25. PSUCOBRA96

    spider webbing

    Hello, Working on a black mustang, spent a ton of time correcting massive spider webbing and scratches. Used m105 mostly with the orange pad, then hit it again with m205 black pad all done with a porter cable. Did all this in a garage and it looked great under the halogen light, awesome...