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  1. hyelife2

    FS: Unlocked DiabloSport Predator Handheld Tuner U7142

    For sale is a DiabloSport Predator handheld tuner (part # U7142). Does not have any tunes on it. Was only used to datalog. As seen in the picture it does have small surface level scratches but does work perfectly. $125 including shipping obo
  2. hyelife2

    Roush rear valence and 13/14 GT 500 axle back

    Does anyone know if a 13/14 GT 500 axle back will fit on a 13 GT with a Roush rear valence? Thanks. :beer:
  3. hyelife2

    FS: 2003 10th black vert 70K

  4. hyelife2

    Double clutching Centerforce Dual Friction

    Has anyone had any issues double clutching a Centerforce Dual Friction? Whenever I double clutch my clutch pedal gets soft and goes almost down to the floor. But after pumping the pedal a few times the firmness and where it grabs comes back to normal. Anyone experience the same thing when...
  5. hyelife2

    Detail or mobile wash

    Anyone know of a detail guy around the san fernando valley? I havent been able to get a hold of EBCOBRA Or a mobile wash between details?
  6. hyelife2

    Awesome customer service!!!

    Called and ordered a new heat exchanger pump for my cobra. Steve was extremely helpful and did whatever he could to get it to me overnight. I will NEVER buy ANY originaly part from ANYWHERE else!! Thanks guys. :beer:
  7. hyelife2

    Covertible Top Shop

    Anyone know of any shops in the SoCal area that works on convertible tops? I noticed by top is puffing up on the freeway. My passenger window also rubs on the top sometime so obviously the top is out of alignment. Thanks. :banana:
  8. hyelife2

    Squeak when turning

    I have a squeaking noise when turning left. Only left for some reason. Sounds to be coming from the passanger side of car. I can also hear it when moving forward slowly for only about 30ft. The squeak goes away whenever I press the brakes. I also have anti-rattle clips on the pads. I have...
  9. hyelife2

    FS: Black Saleen Wheels & Tires (2)18x9 (2)18x10

    For sale are 4 black saleen replica wheels The wheels were powder coated black and then sprayed with 2 layers of clear coat Included are 2 275/35/18 Nitto NT555 tires which have about 20% life left. Two of the wheels (18x9 and 18x10) have curb rash that has been touched up and is almost not...
  10. hyelife2

    BilletFlow pulley colors

    Has anyone had issues with their pulleys not matching color ? I have all new pulleys but only my blower pulley is red, all the other pulleys are closer to maroon in color. I understand the pulleys are anodized and they might not match perfectly but the colors are way off in my case.
  11. hyelife2

    TSW Nurburgring wheels on a Terminator

    Has anyone had any experience with the TSW Nurburgring wheels on a terminator ? From what I have read the bolt pattern should work but I am unsure how far in or out the wheel would sit depending on the offset. According to TSW they make a 18x9 and 18x10.5 which is what I was looking into...
  12. hyelife2

    New pix of the Cobra.

    Did a photoshoot with the Cobra the other day. What do you guys think ? I was also thinking of changing the wheels. Any ideas ?
  13. hyelife2

    Good Deal ?!?!?

    Im fairly new to this forum so please be easy on the new guy. :-D I was wondering if I got a good deal when I bought my cobra around 5 months ago. It is a 2003 convertible 10th anniversary and had 39,000 miles at the time. It was bone stock except for Magnapack mufflers, a K&N filter, and...
  14. hyelife2

    03 Cobra Pedals

    Please send me a price for all four pedal covers for an 03 cobra. Including the dead pedal. Thanks. :beer:
  15. hyelife2

    *Feeler* Stock t56 clutch 42K miles ??

    Im an new to this forum so please bare with me. :-D I was wondering what you guys think a stock clutch from an 03 cobra with approximately 42K miles would be worth ?? Thanks guys.