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    2007 dodge charger srt8 for sale

    Probably nicest charger during this generation of chargers. 2 owner car only driven in nice weather and garage kept. upgrades intake exhaust tune weathertech floor matts wheels ( new tires as well) The car has 37K miles clean title. Call 630-615-1510 for more info ( Matt) Looking to get $18K
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    2013 VIPER GTS for sale

    8,000mi has clear bra on on bumper, titanium exhaust , arrow pcm looking to get 78K , any questions call/text 630-615-1510
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    Visiting houston,tx memorial day weekend

    Going to spend 4 or 5 days there, the reason we are going is because we are currently living in IL but would like to move south in next 3 to 5 years so we are going to go scope things out. I never been to TX myself but my wife has been in austin not long ago ( her sister currently lives there)...
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    sold my 03 cobra didn't get a c6 z06..... got another snake :)

    after selling the cobra I was looking at c6 z06 and even though it is a great car I was not "in love with it" so I started looking at viper since I wanted one for 19 years. I looked at gen 2 which looks great from the outside but I wanted to step it up with the interior after having the cobra...
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    WTB 2.9 whipplle

    let me know what u guys got, it can be crusher or non crusher does not matter
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    My day with the Ferrari 458

    Let me start this off that I was never crazy about the 458 like I was with the lambo cars but for some reason it was last minute decision and I booked the Ferrari. The car is out of this world with the engine noise, transmisssion, handling and even inside you don't feel cramped. I guess only...
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    OIL Commodities opinions

    Let me start this off I am not super knowledgeable about the stocks/mutualfunds/index funds, I do know a little since I do have roth ira open so I did some research at that time. Lately with the oil prices plummeting I been thinking about investing into oil commodities since in my opinion its...
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    Exotic car rentals in Vegas worth it ?

    Going to Vegas in February with my wife for about 3 nights I was thinking about renting a lambo or dodge viper, anyone who has done this before was it worth it or you would not do it again ? It seems that most of them have a cap of 100 miles a day so not exactly sure where would be a good...
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    2.9 whipple cobra vs hellcat challenger

    I hope it is not a repost because I know people are on the A game with hellcat stuff. we are looking at upgraded cobra vs stock hellcat so its not apple to apples but still,nice race . I wonder what the hellcat will do when people start...
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    selling 03 dsg cobra, crest hill,il

    Don't really need to sell it but I do have my eye on 13 viper so I am putting my baby up for sale for $20,000 mileage 49K Upgrades Bassani catted x-pipe w/ borla stinger catback LFP heat exchanger w/ new i/c pump BF 2.76 upper w idlers clear bra on front of the hood Aeroforce interceptor...
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    2.9 whipple suporting mods ?

    I have a 03 cobra and planning pulling the trigger on 2.9 whipple crusher system what supporting mods do I NEED? so far planning to add jlt high boost intake injectors (what size and is it needed right away? eventually want to go e-85 should I convert it now or later when I get used to...
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    Cobra DSG Photoshoot part 2

    Seems like you guys like the last photoshoot I did so I decided to do another now that car is out of hibernation after a long winter. Things have have changed since last time I have a baby daughter on the way now due in late June and me and the wife were thinking of trading both the cobra and...
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    School me in 4.0 whipple

    I was looking at the prices cost between 2.9 and 3.4 and 4.0 whipples supercharges and it's not that much of difference. Now I know you have to have a built motor even with increase cubes to take full advantage of 4.0 whipple. It just seems you have almost endless possibility with the 4.0 as u...
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    after emission test, tune related now what ?

    I took my car in for emission test would not read codes cause it had a tune on it, took my trinity tuner put stock tune on it to pass emissions and it worked. I never used a hand held tuner before so can I put the old tune on somehow now or do I need a new tune ?
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    Anyone cringe at the sight of nice cars in winter weather driving ?

    I recently saw 2013gt500 driving around in slush here around Chicago land area and for me personally it was painful to watch(if I had it would be stored). This got me thinking do you guys feel the same way? I kinda see both sides of the point of view that people pay for the car it is up to them...
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    My fall DSG photo shoot

    After seeing some cool Fall shoots everyone was doing I decided to go out and take some also. A couple of them came out pretty good. Enjoy! :dancenana:
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    is it my tranny or clutch that is going ?

    The problem I am experiencing is this, most of the time with regular driving everything is shifting like it should, sometimes it is hard to shift into first have to press the clutch down couple of times, problem comes in if I am flooring it on first or second and try to shift into next gear but...
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    Check list before taking the cobra out ?

    I have a dd that I can take whenever I need to drive so I usually run down a list before taking the cobra out. 1. Is the car clean if so will it be raining? 2. what roads will I be taking traffic/roadwork/lots of potholes ? 3. Is the drive long enough to bring the engine up to...
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    Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman

    Have you guys seen this interview ? Lindsay Lohan - Interview (Full) David Letterman 4-9-13 - YouTube This was such a awkward interview it's was hard to watch.
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    sve rims 305/35/18 (pics) cobra

    3538800x533.jpg[/IMG] No spacers, no rubbing but I am a bit worried that the rear will touch the fender when the suspension compresses. Do not want to roll fenders myself, anyone know a good place around chicago ?
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    selling cobra rims chrome 17's (pics inside)

    Here are some pics tires nitto are 275/40/17 have a good amount left front 275/40/ look like brand new rims look like they are in great condition I am getting some 18's and will no longer need the tires and rims thinking $500 for everything ?
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    Got rims need tire recommendation

    The rims are 18inch flat black sve 10 inch wide. The car currently has Eibach springs BF IRS Brace borla stingers ( not sure if that matters) I think the best way to avoid rolling fenders is to go with toyo Proxes R888 305/35/18 ? I would not mind jumping to 315 but I think that is not a...
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    JLT CAI or JLT high boost CAI

    Thinking of getting CAI not sure which one to go with out of the two. The car has the stock supercharger, tune, pulley on it now but in the future I want to get 2.9 whipple or 3.4 we will see. The cobra is not DD only sunny day type of car so I do want to get the most hp out of the intake and be...
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    Bought new to me 03 cobra

    Just wanted to introduce myself since I will be posting more instead of lurking. Got the car from online member on here. Picked it up this last sat,:banana: it had 45k miles. The car with came with a couple of mods. Bassani catted x-pipe w/ borla stinger catback LFP heat exchanger w/ new...
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    test pic