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  1. Fabian_sn95

    WANTED: In search of diff

    My diff took a shit on my 04 cobra, looking for one that is built an is ready to swap in. thanks lmk what you have the more built it is the better
  2. Fabian_sn95

    Ford Racing Shift Knob

    Lol im not surprised
  3. Fabian_sn95

    Ford Racing Shift Knob

    You bought it? Lol
  4. Fabian_sn95

    Garage Cleaning

  5. Fabian_sn95

    Garage Cleaning

  6. Fabian_sn95

    For sale extra parts

    Have a 10 spline input shaft - 50$ plus shipping glowshift wideband with gauge an wiring, no o2 sensor - 65$ + shipping HID ballasts - 25$ shipped
  7. Fabian_sn95

    B&M Pro Ripper shifter

    I’m paypal ready
  8. Fabian_sn95

    WTB BA3000

    Thanks guys Figured He responded thinking I meant a 2 channel amp lol
  9. Fabian_sn95

    WTB BA3000

    Just texted you
  10. Fabian_sn95

    WTB BA3000

    In need of a BA3000 MAF LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE, thanks
  11. Fabian_sn95

    WTT OR WTS Slot style MAF Vmp

    Brand new VMP Slot Style MAF for the 03/04 Cobra 200+ shipping Will trade for a ba3000 as well Need it gone ASAP
  12. Fabian_sn95

    FS: Hoosier DR2 315/35 r17

    Still have em?
  13. Fabian_sn95

    BilletFlow IRS brace.

    I have one if he doesn’t reply, no bolt though.
  14. Fabian_sn95

    2.4 Kenne Bell Polished Supercharger

    How much does it weigh
  15. Fabian_sn95


    Selling my Gen 1 JLT RAI Does not come with MAF, just tube an filter! 120$+ shipping, I cover PP fee Need gone
  16. Fabian_sn95

    M58 catback

  17. Fabian_sn95

    Garage Cleaning

    Pm’d you
  18. Fabian_sn95

    Garage Cleaning

    Cleaning out my garage of unnecessary parts (my son helped with writing my screen name) Buyer will pay shipping an cover PP fees Have 4 belts (In order from left to right) 80’ - New GatesHD -$30 76.75’ - New Goodyear/Continental - $30 77.75’ - Used GatesHD - $10 75.65’ - Used Napa - $10 ($55...
  19. Fabian_sn95

    WTB 3.25 KB pulley or billetflow ring only

    In need of a 3.25 kb pulley for my 2.8 or a 3.25 billetflow ring only, already have the hub Thanks
  20. Fabian_sn95


    Still have?
  21. Fabian_sn95

    Sos pod

    Still have?