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    WTB GT/CS Spoiler

    Color is irrelevant but it must be undamaged. Happy to come pick it up in the DMV area but will also pay for shipping.
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    WTB 19x9.5 Charcoal RTR Wheels

    Let me know whatcha got. PM me or text 301-631-Four331. I'm in the DMV and can do local pickup.
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    WTB Stock 13/14 GT500 Mufflers

    I'm in the DMV area and happy to come pick it up for cash. Feel free to message me here or text me at 301-631-Four331
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    Is AWD worth it for a daily appliance?

    Wife and I are looking to add a 2017 Escape to the mix. We found 2, both with mostly the same options, except one is FWD and one is AWD. Both have the 2.0L. We're just outside of DC in Maryland, winters are very mild, but we will be taking a lot of road trips in it cross country when we're not...
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    What am I missing guys.. will tires help?

    I have Van's handling package w/springs, 275/305s Continental ExtremeContacts on the stock wheels, 4.10s with headers and a 10% pulley. My acceleration feels poor unless I'm very aggressive with the gas and even then I'm not going anywhere in 1st or 2nd with half to 3/4th throttle. I'm not...
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    WTB OEM 13-14 Shelby Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    Shipping would be to 20603. You can message me here or shoot a text to 30one-63one-433one.
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    Prothane Motor Mounts

    Anyone have any experience with these on their Shelby? I installed them on my last GT when along with LTs and it really made the car feel fantastic. The slop in the drivetrain was all but completely eliminated. Car was very responsive, never missed a shift and didn't even bother switching the...
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    So where do you actually take your Shelby?

    I just came back from a 400 mile adventure with the woman. We went into the "mountains". Didn't know I was going into the mountains at the time (she set the GPS as per normal).. was fun navigating around trying not to completely destroy the car. Left without a scratch. But I won't be doing that...
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    Basic suspension questions? You tell me..

    You own a 13 Boss 302. It's stock. It's your daily driver. You don't take it to the drag strip. You will hit a HPDE once or twice a year. #1. Here is the main question. If you lower without a UCA are you asking for the rear end to leak eventually? I don't want one, I don't want gear whine. #2...
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    Solar, LNG, FERC, and choosing a new career.

    So I've worked most of my adult life as an entrepreneur producing streaming media content for small companies. Advertising or supplement content for their products. It pays very well but it is erratic and that has been stressing me out lately. May seem like the polar opposite but at the same...
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    Writ of Summons

    Friend of mine lost her job a few years back. Bills have piled up. Shes going to file for bankruptcy. She has no car, no money, no property. Two months back she received papers regarding a "Writ of Summons" in regards to a Resolution Conference date/time/room number. This is a credit card...
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    Safe for me to take 10w40 to the dealership?

    I did a lot of searching on the oil recommendations but hadn't seen this question come up. Until I move in August I don't have a place to change the oil myself. I want to head to Ford to get the motor and transmission fluid changed. I know the recommended is 5w50 Motorcraft so when they look...
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    Sluggish in 3rd gear?

    Every other gear pulls strong. Absolutely love this car. But when I downshift from 5th or 6th to 3rd and hit the gas there is acceleration but no where near the pull of the rest gears. Hell, I would be inclined to say that 5th pulls stronger than 3rd. I'll wait until I feel there is a real...
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    Trying to source stock Goodyear tire

    So the last 200 miles of my trip back home my rear passenger tire wouldn't hold air. I immediately bring it to Ford and they tell me the tire caught a chunk of wood. Long story short it's being replaced but they only have the 100 load version of the tire and not the 92 load. I may have those...
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    Safe to drive back 1000 miles without an oil change?

    I requested to have the oil change before I picked her up and they agreed but the tech said it's break-in oil and I probably want to leave it in and change it a little further down the road. I only asked for it to be changed because it's sitting in the showroom for a while, few months, I'm sure...
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    WANTED: Your Stock Wheels+Tires

    If you're keeping your old, somewhat beat up, stock setup in your garage or basement or however, I'm looking to take them off your hands. Shipped or local to the DMV area works as well.
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    WTB: 05-2010 Stock H Pipe w/ Cats

    I'm in Maryland, DMV area. Willing to travel a bit to pick them up. Looking for something around $100 if you're "local".
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    Any benefit in 'upgrading' to 275/40/19 and 295/35/19 for a DD?

    Any benefit in 'upgrading' to 275/40/19 and 295/35/20 for a DD? I'm in the process of selling off my 2010 GT with only 12k miles to purchase a 2014 GT500. I've started doing a tremendous amount of research. Doesn't look like I will be modding this much, apparently it's pretty great from the...
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    10k miles on 2010 Mustang GT parts.

    Everything is priced to sell, willing to ship. I'll gladly do local pickup. I'm in the DMV area, right next to DC and Virginia actually and just across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Add $5 if you're paying via Paypal. These are all stock parts I took off around 9-10k miles. I had zero problems...
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    GT500 Dual Fuel Pumps (600hp+)

    Perfect upgrade to go with a supercharger kit for more power. Got them with only 3000 miles on them and never got a chance to use them. Asking for $450 shipped obo, tracking # goes out along with the box the next business day. Make me an offer.
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    2010 GT500 pumps

    M-9407-MSVTA I believe is the part # shipped to 20748 thanks a lot
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    07 GT500 Fuel Pumps

    GT500 Dual Fuel Pumps kit I bought off an 07 GT500 with around 3000 miles from the original owner. I never got a chance to use them, bought a new mustang instead. They ship next business day with tracking provided. Asking $450 shipped obo. I'm Paypal verified.