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Event: MustangFest 2014

Kick the Tires

With 350 Mustangs on the deck of an aircraft carrier, MustangFest celebrated the 50th in style

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Island Tom and Island Charlotte

We have been to a few car shows in our day. More often than not they are held in a basic parking lot. Sometimes that lot is in a great place, but it’s still a parking lot. Every so often the location is cool, like a waterfront park or a scenic attraction. However, to celebrate 50 years of the Mustang, one show promoter really wanted to pull off something special.
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Event: Ponies at the Pike

Waterfront Wonderland

The Beach Cities Mustang Club hosts a gorgeous gathering of Mustangs in Long Beach, California

By Steve Turner

During our recent visit to sunny Southern California driving the 2015 Mustang, we decided to stick around for a couple extra days. Not just because we have friends in the area or because the weather is so great. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to catch some car shows. The main show we put on the schedule was the newly anointed Ponies at the Pike, held along the waterfront in Long Beach, California.
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Event: Patriot Day Run

Run to Remember

Auto enthusiasts in South Florida pay tribute to those we lost on 9/11

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Steve Gelles/Blow-By Racing

In the wake of the terrorist attacks that wounded our country and took the lives of so many Americans, we all vowed to never forget that dreadful day. If you were old enough to remember, you surely won’t forget where you were and who you were with the moment you learned of those events. It was a moment that made us all take stock of our lives and appreciate how fortunate we were to still be alive and living in the United States.
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