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Father/Son Budget Cobra Build

SVT Power Play

Clean SN-95 with dead motor rescued.

By SID297

Just ask anyone who has talked future classics with me over a couple of beers, and they will tell you that I long believed that SN-95s will be the next popular project car.  For past 10 years or so the venerable Fox-Body has dominated the ground-up Mustang build market.  Alas, clean project Foxes are getting harder to find and more expensive to purchase if you do happen to luck-up on one.  However, if we skip one Mustang model ahead; clean SN-95 Mustangs (even SVT Cobras) can be had at bargain prices.

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SN-95 Cobra C-Head Swap

OEM Mods

Classic SVT Upgrades Abound.

By SID297

The 1996 SN-95 Cobra saw the introduction of the 4-Valve 4.6L all-aluminum Modular V8.  At the time, these free-breathing engines were revolutionary.  However, as time has marched on the 305HP Cobra engines have become a bit tame for many’s tastes.  Luckily, with a few popular modifications you can add a new level of performance to your ‘soon-to-be-classic’ SVT.

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