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Terminator FAQs & SVTP Info

Data Dump

Cobra Bob helps users get a head start.

By SID297

Many feel that the 2003-2004 SVT Mustang Cobra Terminator was the last true muscle car.  It certainly ticks all the right boxes and every Mustang model since has successively lost more and more of the visceral performance feeling that was the defining driving dynamic of the Terminator.  That unmatched driving experience attracts new buyers for these cars everyday, many of which who lack even basic knowledge about their new Pony cars.  That’s where SVTP Member Cobra Bob steps into the picture.

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Pics: SVT Photo Shoot @ Mt. Fuji & Yokohama, Japan

International Affair

Calling a Terminator an import just doesn’t seen right.

By SID297

Regular visitors to SVTP’s Pics and Videos Buffet are probably familiar SVTP Member u1cobra’s SVT photo shoot threads from Japan.  To say he has a unique work location would be an understatement, but when you add a couple of the most prolific American performance cars in recent history to the mix you end up with something truly special.

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New Product: VMP Gen2 Terminator TVS

Second Coming

VMP Tuning’s new Gen2 TVS supercharger for 2003-2004 Mustang Cobras

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of VMP Tuning

Do you own a 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra? Are you jealous of all the power-adder love the newer Mustangs are receiving? Well, you can stop being envious, because VMP Tuning has just released a Gen2 version of its popular Terminator TVS supercharger.
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