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Tech: Flex Fuel Shelby GT500

Flexing Muscle

With AED’s Flex Fuel tune you can pump big power into your GT500

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Advanced Engine Development

Many modern cars are Flex Fuel Vehicles. They feature both the fuel system capacity and the electronic support to seamlessly move betwixt gasoline, which usually has a hint of ethanol these days (E10) and a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, most often sold at the pump as E85. However, most of the performance Fords that we enjoy don’t carry the FFV designation. They are designed to run on a much higher ratio of gasoline. However, thanks to some clever folks in the aftermarket, the flexibility to run between the two fuels is available with a Flex Fuel calibration.
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Feature: 8-second Coyote Modified Boss

Taking Charge

JPC converted Jeff Polivka’s Boss from street star to Coyote Modified racer

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Aaron Leblanc/JPC Racing

A long time ago in a far away place, Jeff Polivka’s 2013 Boss 302 was a 10-second street car that became a last-minute competitor in a little competition called King of the Street. Your scribe had something to do with this contest that pitted some of the baddest street cars in America against each other to see which car had the best balance of rear-wheel horsepower and every-day driveability.
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Tech: EcoBoost F-150 Boost Cooler

EcoBoost Cooler

Snow Performance improves EcoBoost 3.5-liter F-150 performance

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company and Snow Performance

We all know boost is good. If you’ve ever driven a boosted vehicle, you know the feeling of joy that accompanies the swing of the needle on a boost gauge. This is especially true of Ford’s EcoBoost engines, which combine the benefits of direct injection and turbocharging to make smaller engines perform like bigger engines.
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News: 275HP Focus ST Upgrade

Power Packed

Ford Performance ramps up Focus ST performance with mountune gear

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Performance

If you have driven a Focus ST, you know these cars a blast. Packing 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque right off the dealer lot, these hot hatches make the most of EcoBoost performance. For enthusiasts, that’s just a starting point, and if you are looking for a comprehensive upgrade package for your ST, Ford Performance Racing Parts is touting just such a combo.
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Feature: Blown 2013 Mustang GT

Mod Squad

Jurrian Terpstra turned his Coyote into an all-around performer

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of ModBargains.com

We each take our own path down the road of automotive addiction. Some folks love all cars, while others lock onto a specific make or model. Most of us reading this site fall into the latter category. Jurian Terpstra loves all cars, but he definitely has a soft spot for Mustangs, and he brought that love into his work at ModBargains.com.
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