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Tech: Shelby GT350 Clutch Install

Clutch Decision

Lethal Performance upgrades its blown GT350 with a McLeod Racing clutch

By Steve Turner

Combine the high-winding Voodoo 5.2-liter engine with a whiff on nitrous and it’s no surprise that you might find a fusible link in the driveline. In the case of Lethal Performance’s Shelby GT350 project, that link was the factory clutch.

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Video: MGW Shelby GT350 Shifter

Shifts with Benefits

MGW Shifters details the features and benefits of its new Shelby upgrade

By Steve Turner
Photos by SID297 and courtesy of MGW Shifters

A highly tuned machine like the modern Shelby GT350 attracts a certain type of driver. If you are willing to pay the tariff to get behind that Alcantara-wrapped wheel, you are demanding a higher level of performance and precision than a standard Mustang has to offer. That likely means you want a more precise shifting experience, and that is where the experts at MGW Shifters come to the rescue.
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Video: Shelby GT350 Cat-Back Exhaust

Flat-Out Aggressive

Borla’s GT350 ATAK system delivers aggressive sound and more power

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Borla Performance Industries

There is no doubt that the factory exhaust system on the latest Shelby GT350 sounds fantastic, especially with its adjustable valves opened. Combined with the unique sound of its Flat Plane Crankshaft-equipped Voodoo engine, this system sets a high bar for factory exhaust tone. However, those of us that love performance Mustangs always want a little bit more, which is where Borla enters the picture with its new Shelby GT350 exhaust system.
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Tech: Shelby GT350 Exhaust Upgrade

Long Revision

Lethal Performance upgrades its GT350 project with Kooks exhaust

By Steve Turner

Pushing the performance of its project cars is Lethal Performance’s calling card. Soon after leaving Weikert Ford in a cloud of smoke, Team Lethal embarked on an aggressive modding plan for its Shelby GT350 project car, including bolt-on upgrades, a 10-second run at the drag strip and, eventually, a Whipple supercharger.
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News: 2015+ Shelby GT350 ProCharger

Strong Magic

ProCharger readies supercharger systems for the Voodoo 5.2-liter

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company and ProCharger

For most people, 526 naturally aspirated horsepower from a 5.2-liter engine that revs past 8,000 rpm would be plenty. If you are reading this sentence, you probably aren’t most people. Those of us afflicted with a speed lust simply take the factory horsepower rating as a jumping-off point, which is what ProCharger is about to do with its new GT350 supercharger systems.
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