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Video: EcoBoost Fiesta Factory Drift

Fun Factory

Celebrating 400,000 EcoBoost engines with some inspired Fiesta hooning

By Steve Turner

People love videos and companies want to go viral. So, when you combine corporate budgets with the hopes of viral buzz, the results can be pretty cool. When Ford wanted to celebrate the construction of 400,000 EcoBoost engines, the company looked no further than the Hoonigan himself for inspiration.
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News: Print a Ford at Home

Third Degree

Download and print a 3D model of your favorite Ford Performance vehicle

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

You might not have the cash to drive home in a new Ford GT or Shelby GT350R, but thanks to a new partnership between Ford and TurboSquid, you can download a 3D model of your favorite Ford Performance vehicle and print one at home—at least a scale model of one.
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Event: EcoBoost Challenge Orlando

Challenge Accepted

The EcoBoost Challenge lets you have fun in turbo Fords

By Steve Turner

As we told you back in March, Ford is bringing a full complement of its EcoBoost-powered vehicles around the country so that you—the consumer—can get behind the wheel of these turbocharged rides. This multi-city tour is winding down, so we hope you took advantage of it when it stopped in your area, because it was really a lot of fun when we participated in the Orlando, Florida, event.
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