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Feature: 2017 Steeda Q750 Midnight Edition

Dark Matters

Steeda unleashes murdered-out Mustangs with over 800 horsepower

By Steve Turner

The beauty of the Mustang platform is its adaptability. Owners can paint its canvas to create the masterpiece of their dreams. Some like to do the work themselves and create something that screams out for attention. Others enjoy picking up a fully realized package that is a bit more under the radar. The latter is just what Steeda Vehicles is offering as part of its 2017 lineup—a special limited run of black on black Mustangs.
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News: 2016 SEMA Show Mustangs

SEMA Stampede

The Sin City excitement builds as Ford teases its SEMA Mustang show cars

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Each year in November the automotive aftermarket industry takes over Las Vegas, Nevada, to show off its new wares. Nearly every booth at the show features a stunning display vehicles and Ford supports a number of those. Today the company teased its SEMA Show entries and there are several familiar names on the list. Continue reading

News: 2017 Steeda Q-series Mustangs

Total Package

Steeda unleashes its new Q-series Mustangs, including an 825hp model

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Steeda Autosports

Since the Fox Mustang days Steeda Autosports has created a complete line of products that let you add performance to your Mustang. However, if prefer to just buy a new Mustang that already has all the company’s go-fast engineering built in, that’s where Steeda Vehicles delivers. Today the company introduced its line of Q-series 2017 Mustangs tuned for performance.
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Tech: 2015+ Mustang Tri-Ax Shifter Install

Shift Change

Installing Steeda’s billet Tri-Ax shifter for 2015+ Mustang GTs

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Steeda Autosports

These days the automatic transmissions work so well that drivers who choose a manual transmission must really love that visceral connection between man and machine. There is nothing quite like the control and feel you get banging through the gears on your own, but more often than not the factory shifters are so dampened and isolated they rob you of some of that fun.
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News: Hurst/Kenne Bell 2017 Mustang

Gold Standard

Hurst and Kenne Bell join forces on a turnkey, 750-horsepower Mustang

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ken Latka/Television Motion Picture Car Club

Performance West Group is the builder of limited runs of Mustangs and other performance vehicles that wear the Hurst brand. This year, the company is offering Mustangs fitted with a Kenne Bell supercharger that delivers 750 horsepower!
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