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First Drive: 2015 Mustang GT

Pony Star

The 2015 Mustang GT sets a new standard for pony car prowess, but the real star is the Performance Pack

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Ford Motor Company

By now we all know that Ford redesigned the iconic Mustang for a new generation of drivers, both domestic and abroad. In addition to its revitalized styling the 2015 Mustang marks the return of an independent rear suspension to the pony car. It also features a varied lineup of powertrain options in the all-new chassis.
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Tech: Coyote ProCharger Install

Boost Mobile

Blow-By Racing installs a ProCharger on a 2013 Mustang GT—at Mustang Week!

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Blow-By Racing

Mustangs and bolt-on modifications are a marriage that has grown stronger and stronger since our favorite pony car hit the streets. Bolt-ons are popular because they are easy to install, you can usually do them in the driveway, and you can immediately reap their benefits.
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Tech: New Edge Coyote Swap

Hawaii 5.0

Pro Dyno performs a clean Coyote  swap in a 2004 Mustang GT

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Jeremy Marler/Pro Dyno

It’s common for project cars to take on a life of their won. For David Lovejoy, he was ready to drive off into the sunset of retirement. However, before he left, he really wanted to make his Mustang GT more fun to drive. While he loved his car, he craved the performance offered by modern Mustangs.
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Tech: 2015 Mustang Whipple Preview

Prototype Power

A look at Whipple’s forthcoming supercharger for the 2015 Mustang GT

By SID297
Photos by StacyStangz

If you happened to stop by the SVTPerformance display at Mustang Week 2014 you probably know that we were the one-stop-shop for 2015 Mustang goodness at the show. Not only did we have the only S550 on display (Not an easy thing to pull off, BTW…) we also happened to have the little gem pictured here, Whipple Superchargers’ prototype 2015 Mustang GT Blower.
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News: 2015 Mustang R/C Car

All-Wheel Driven

Want an all-wheel-drive 2015 Mustang? Vaterra’s radio-controlled version is for you!

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Vaterra

If you are lusting after a 2015 Mustang, but you haven’t found room in your driveway or your wallet to add one to your collection, there’s one way you can drive one. It’s an affordable way too, but you won’t be able to drive it from the driver seat. Instead, you can drive it from 100 or so yards away—via remote control.
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