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Tech: 2015 Mustang Halfshaft Install

10-Second Effort

Boost Works adds heavy-duty halfshafts and clicks off a low-10-second pass in its blown S550

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Boost Works

With any luck you caught our story on Boost Works’ installation of a Kenne Bell Mammoth supercharger on a 2015 Mustang GT. It was the first application of the big Kenne Bell Twin Screw on the latest Coyote Mustang, and it made great power. However, the Boost Works team realized that applying that power at the racetrack might result in breakage.
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Tech: Coyote ProCharger Install

Boost Mobile

Blow-By Racing installs a ProCharger on a 2013 Mustang GT—at Mustang Week!

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Blow-By Racing

Mustangs and bolt-on modifications are a marriage that has grown stronger and stronger since our favorite pony car hit the streets. Bolt-ons are popular because they are easy to install, you can usually do them in the driveway, and you can immediately reap their benefits.
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Feature: SVE Pace Car

Pace Star

Latemodel Restoration revamps its 2011 Mustang as a company Pace Car

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Latemodel Restoration

Project cars are born for many reasons. Some are started to develop products. Others are born to promote products. While others still are simply part of a personal journey. For those in the promotional and development categories, the road can be hard. More often than not, if the car is running, the pedal is probably flat on the floor.
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Tech: Metco Billet Coyote Fuel Rails

Go With The Flow

Adding volume and reducing restriction with Metco Motorsports’  billet fuel rails for the Coyote 5.0

By Steve Turner

Photos by SID297 and StacyStangz

It has become acceptable—maybe even sporting—to see how far you can push the stock components of a Mustang. Certainly it is fun to see how far Ford’s creations will go. Most of us take these cars far beyond the intent of the engineers that created them with just bolt-ons. Continue reading

News: Ford Racing Coyote Block

Ford Tough

Built for high-powered Coyote projects, Ford Racing’s new 5.0 block is stout where it counts

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Racing

Quite honestly Ford’s TiVCT 5.0-liter engine—codenamed Coyote—flipped a massive reset switch in the world of Ford performance. If you didn’t have a Coyote engine under your hood, you either wanted one, or you wanted your combo to run that hard. It is a robust performer right out of the box, and like its predecessors, it has taken to bolt-on performance mods like a racer to a starting line.

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