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Build: Not Just Another Build Thread

Miles Ahead

Whipple powered GT500 built to fly.

By SID297

It’s been said that speed is the only truly modern sensation.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we gearheads are so drawn to massive power numbers and triple-digit top-end runs?  One thing is for certain, there has never been a better time to live for those who want to be on the cutting edge of top speed street car performance.  With each of the big three producing massively powered blown cars in the last couple years, those want to hit a buck-fifty plus need only have a bit of a fearless streak a straight/open strip of asphalt.  But what happens when bolt on levels of high-speed performance just aren’t cutting it anymore?  It’s time to build.

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Tech: Billet GT500 Belt Tensioner

Tighten Your Belt

Maintain big boost without belt slip thanks to VMP’s billet GT500 tensioner

By Steve Turner

Owners of 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s know how easy it is to build power with these cars. Just add a smaller blower pulley, open up the inlet, add a custom calibration and the gains are huge. As you start to push harder with smaller pulleys, more rpm, and such the factory belt tensioner is put in a bad spot.
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Tech: Flex Fuel Shelby GT500

Flexing Muscle

With AED’s Flex Fuel tune you can pump big power into your GT500

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Advanced Engine Development

Many modern cars are Flex Fuel Vehicles. They feature both the fuel system capacity and the electronic support to seamlessly move betwixt gasoline, which usually has a hint of ethanol these days (E10) and a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, most often sold at the pump as E85. However, most of the performance Fords that we enjoy don’t carry the FFV designation. They are designed to run on a much higher ratio of gasoline. However, thanks to some clever folks in the aftermarket, the flexibility to run between the two fuels is available with a Flex Fuel calibration.
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Tech: GT500 Water-Meth Test

Snow Blower

Testing Snow Performance’s Comp One water-meth system on a 2014 Shelby GT500

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Snow Performance

We absolutely love power-adders. When Ford made factory boost mainstream with the Terminator in the early 2000s, it really changed the aftermarket bolt-on performance landscape. Certainly superchargers were part of the consciousness, but when SVT brought them to the Cobra, they entered the mainstream.
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Tech: Gates Blue Racing Belts

Blue Revan

Revan Racing partners with Gates to offer a colorful, durable serpentine-belt option that’s heaven for GT500s

By Tob

Some time ago Van Collier from Revan Racing posted on SVTP to gauge interest in a performance-oriented belt offering. Gates Corporation had recently released a new line of belts that were aimed squarely at the performance market. These belts offered a much more robust design than previous designs. Better yet, they were produced in a unique blue hue.

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