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Build: White 2016 Mustang GT Mods

Clean Sweep

Stock sucks, but we can fix that.

By SID297

Not many people know this, but my favorite Ford color is Oxford White (or as I like to call it “Work Truck White”).  If I were going to buy a new Mustang, or Raptor, or Focus RS (ad nauseam) it would certainly be white.  Judging by his 2016 Oxford White Mustang GT, it would appear that SVTPerformance.com Member WomenBeShoppin (Ryan) may have the same sentiment.

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Feature: 821-Horsepower 2015 Mustang GT

Tuned Custom

HP Tuners built a 2015 Mustang as a multi-purpose promotional project

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of HP Tuners and Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car

In the automotive aftermarket it is standard practice to build project vehicles to garner attention. These cars often show up at trade shows or on manufacturers midways as eye candy to lure in potential customers. HP Tuners definitely wants to attract potential customers with is latest Mustang project, but the company also wants to prove its wares in a number of competitive environments.
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Tech: Shelby GT350 Header Upgrade

Stretch Run

Opening up a GT350 exhaust with ARH long-tube headers yields big gains

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of American Racing Headers and Dillon Dollar

From the jump we wondered how a free-flowing exhaust might wake up the performance of the highly tuned 5.2-liter engine that powers the latest Shelby GT350. Now that the cars have been on the streets for a while, the aftermarket mods are starting to flow, and one of the newest exhaust products is American Racing Headers’ system, featuring long-tube headers and a high-flow midpipe.
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News: 2016 Cobra Jet

Back for More

Ford Performance will sell 50 8-second S550 Cobra Jet Mustangs next year

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company and by Stacy Stangz

In 2008 Ford Performance brought back the Cobra Jet Mustang to celebrate the lineage that began with the original CJ’s triumphant racing heritage of the 1960s. The result was a highly successful run of performance in sanctioning bodies ranging from the National Hot Rod Association to the National Mustang Racers Association. After taking a year off to prep an S550 version and teasing the new model last week, Ford Performance is back with 50 limited-edition Cobra Jets for 2016.
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News: Lethal Performance Shelby GT350

Avalanche Warning

Lethal Performance already has its next project on deck—a Shelby GT350

By Steve Turner
Photos by lilredcoupe and courtesy of Ford Motor Company

That didn’t take long. Once the details on the Shelby GT350 pricing hit the web, the team at Lethal Performance immediately placed its order for its next Mustang. Yes, the company just checked off all the right boxes on the order form at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, Florida, for a new 2016 GT350, which is bound for project-car glory.
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