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Event: AmericanMuscle.com Car Show 2016

Showing Off

The online giant’s annual car show draws over 1,700 Mustangs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of American Muscle

If you have modified your modern Mustang, odds are you have purchased something from AmericanMuscle.com. Born of the S197 era, this company quickly grew into an online superstore for all things to modify your Mustangs. To celebrate its customers the company began hosting a car show and that soon outgrew its venue and moved to the storied Maple Grove Raceway. This year’s eighth-annual event took place on August 13.
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News: 2015 Mustang Wheel Giveaway

The Wheel Deal

Want a free set of Forgestar wheels for your new Mustang? AmericanMuscle.com gives you a chance to win!

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of AmericanMuscle.com

Yes, the 2015 Mustang looks great, but we all know that custom wheels are the first way you customize a car to make it your own. Well, AmericanMuscle.com and Forgestar have joined forces to offer you the opportunity to win a set of Forgestar F14s for your S550.
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News: 2015 Mustang Concepts

Rate the Renders

AmericanMuscle.com applies classic styling to the modern Mustang’s lines—vote for your favorite via hashtag

By Steve Turner

Images courtesy of AmericanMuscle.com

For enthusiasts part of the Mustang’s allure is that it really presents a beautiful blank canvas to make a car reflect your personality. Admit it, as soon as you set your sights on a new Mustang you are already planning its mods. From wheels to the supercharger, the possibilities are endless. Of course, that path usually starts with exterior of the car.

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