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Tech: GT350 Audio Upgrade

Size Matters

OEMRadio’s audio system rids the Track Pack cars of their anemic 4″ screens.

By Tob

Jesse from OEMRadio ([email protected]) is providing a solution for the rather weak factory four inch screen/”entertainment” system. Stock is woefully inadequate at best as much as many rationalize that they don’t listen to the radio anyway. IMHO, a great performing pony car doesn’t have to be a one dimensional experience. A 14hr jaunt to Georgia affirmed my own discontent after growing weary from squinting at my cell phone for navigation purposes. The 4″ system would be right at home in a Mustang GT, circa 1993, but not on 2016 GT350.

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News: 2015 Mustang Audio System

Shake it Up!

Ford improves the audio system in the all-new Mustang

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

We realize that the audio system most of our readers are concerned with is the one that  growls out of the mufflers. Yes, a Mustang is about performance, and a great exhaust sound is key. However, admit that sometimes you enjoy cranking the tunes while you are out for a cruise.
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