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LMR 2018 Mustang GT Runs 12.02 @ 117 MPH

No Break-In

LMR ’18 GT heads to the strip.

By SID297

One of the most highly anticipated changes for the 2018 Mustang GT was the switch from the venerable 6R80 6-Speed automatic transmission to the 10R80 10-Speed that made its debut in the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.  Behind the High-Output 3.5 EcoBoost in a truck the new tranny has proven to be quite stout, but the really question was how it would perform behind the new dual-injected 5.0 Coyote V8 in everybody’s favorite Pony-Car.  Luckily for us, SVTP Vendor Late Model Restoration just picked up a new 2018 Mustang GT equipped with the new 10R80 auto; along with a few other popular options.

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Tech: Hurst Shifter Handle for Auto Mustangs

Classic Touch

Adding old-school style to your 6R80 shifter.

By SID297

The shift lever on an automatic Stang is an often forgotten piece of interior equipment.  I can count on one hand how many non-racecars a year I see with an aftermarket shift on an auto trans.  Hurst looked at that dearth in the market and saw an opportunity.  They have developed a dress-up replacement for the stock auto shift lever for the 2015-2017 6R60 equipped Mustangs in the form of their classically styled pistol grip handler.

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Tech: Shelby GT500 6R80 Auto Trans Swap

Shifty Business

SVTP Member builds the Mustang SVT didn’t.

By SID297

For over 20 years SVT built an impress stable of Mustangs, but the one thing they never did was offer one with an automatic transmission.  While the reason for that tends to be the sports car tradition, it does leave some buyers out in the cold.  Whether it’s a necessity of circumstances (such as an injury) or just a quest for increased drag strip performance, there’s a great many SVT Shelby Mustang GT500 owners who would be thrilled if their 6-Speeds were shifted automatically.

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New Product: Auto Trans Swap Packages

Smart Shifts

Support your Coyote engine swap with an auto trans and controller

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Performance Automatic

When it comes to engine swap support, Ford Performance does a stellar job supporting modern engines in other vehicles thanks to its crate motor program and Control Pack PCM/wiring harness kits. Buy both and you are well on your way to putting a Coyote or even an EcoBoost 2.0- or 3.5-liter engine in just about any vehicle.
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Video: 8.71-Second 2015 Mustang

Great Eights

Melissa Urist is running deep in the eights with her Hellion-boosted S550

By Steve Turner

If you have been following the progression of Melissa Urist’s 2015 Mustang GT, you know this car has always been at the forefront of 2015 Mustang GT performance. This Hellion Power Systems machine came out of the gate with 949 horsepower, ramped up to 1,135 horsepower and eventually put down over 1,400 horsepower to the rear wheels. Then it became the first 2015 Mustang to run in the 8-second range with a stock independent rear suspension.
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