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Tech: Paul’s 2011 Coyote Build Thread

Customized Coyote

Because modified is better than stock.

By SID297

Few things are more satisfying for a gearhead than that feeling of success you get when standing back and gazing upon your recently completed build.  That’s just the sensation SVTP Member Paul. experienced after the long construction project that is his 2011 5.0L-Powered Mustang GT.  What started as a fairly typical loaded Premium GT was transformed into a customized ride an owner can be proud of.

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News: 2017 Ford GT Design

Speed and Style

The Ford GT features styling and colors that accentuate its performance

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

We know that Ford Performance engineers pulled out all the stops in maximizing the performance of its latest Ford supercar. From its carbon fiber body panels to its EcoBoost engine to its six-piston Brembo brakes the Ford GT is built for speed. To accentuate that speed Ford designers put a lot of thought into the car’s style.
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News: 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Parts

First & Fast

Want Ford Racing Performance Parts for your 2015 Mustang? Here’s what’s coming soon…

By Steve Turner

With the media getting its first drives this week, the excitement and information about the highly anticipated 2015 Mustang is reaching a crescendo. As excited as we are to get behind the wheel of the stock S550, anyone reading here knows that Ford is just giving us a great foundation for mods. Fortunately, the Blue Oval’s own Ford Racing division has been hard at work developing a host of upgrades for the new ’Stang.
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