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Ford Introduces 2019 Bullitt Mustang

Legend Returns

Frank Bullitt’s Iconic Mustang Reborn.

By SID297

DETROIT, Jan. 14, 2018 – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of iconic movie “Bullitt” and its fan-favorite San Francisco car chase, Ford introduces the new cool and powerful 2019 Mustang Bullitt.

Third-generation member of the McQueen family, Molly, starred in a special movie of her own introducing the new third-generation Bullitt at the North American International Auto Show. In the film, Molly races a new Mustang Bullitt through a parking structure battling a Dodge Charger for the final free space.

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5.3L Big Bore Modular Build

Magnum Loads

Bullitt Mustang Gets Big-Cube 4V .

By SID297

When it comes to subtle styling the Bullitt Mustangs have to take the award for being the most instantly recognizable.  Other than the unique Dark Highland Green paint (among select other choices) the Bullitts may be best known for the parts that were omitted in order to achieve a clean, yet menacing, look; items such as a spoiler and fog lights.  The two modern interpretations (2001 and 2008) of the 1968 orginal also came with a modest power bump over their GT counterparts.

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Feature: Terminator-Powered Bullitt

Pristine in Green

Justin McCormick created the perfect New Edge—a 2001 Bullitt with a 2004 Cobra drivetrain

By Steve Turner
Photos by Rob Dahm and Will Prater

If you’ve never driven a 2001 Bullitt, you are doing a disservice to yourself as a Mustang fan. For their time, these cars packed a balance of style and handling that was befitting of a car inspired by the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback in the most famous movie chase scene ever. Being behind the wheel of a Bullitt might not have made you as cool as Steve McQueen, but it was close.
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Event: Ponies at the Pike

Waterfront Wonderland

The Beach Cities Mustang Club hosts a gorgeous gathering of Mustangs in Long Beach, California

By Steve Turner

During our recent visit to sunny Southern California driving the 2015 Mustang, we decided to stick around for a couple extra days. Not just because we have friends in the area or because the weather is so great. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to catch some car shows. The main show we put on the schedule was the newly anointed Ponies at the Pike, held along the waterfront in Long Beach, California.
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News: 2015 Mustang Concepts

Rate the Renders

AmericanMuscle.com applies classic styling to the modern Mustang’s lines—vote for your favorite via hashtag

By Steve Turner

Images courtesy of AmericanMuscle.com

For enthusiasts part of the Mustang’s allure is that it really presents a beautiful blank canvas to make a car reflect your personality. Admit it, as soon as you set your sights on a new Mustang you are already planning its mods. From wheels to the supercharger, the possibilities are endless. Of course, that path usually starts with exterior of the car.

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