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Event: 2016 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Gathering of Fords

Over 3,200 Ford vehicles filled the Carlisle fairgrounds for the annual show

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Carlisle Events

In the last 15 years Carlisle Events has welcomed fans of all things Ford to the fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the Ford Nationals. In that time attendance swelled from 1,700 cars to over 3,200 cars at this year’s event held last weekend. It’s safe to say that Ford’s popularity continues to grow and this event is a fitting celebration of that appreciation.
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Event: Winter Florida Autofest 2016

South for Winter

Carlisle Events brings an auction, a car show and more to the Sunshine State

By Steve Turner

Fans of Blue Oval machinery are surely familiar with Carlisle Events, the company that puts on a massive show each June celebrating all things Ford. This event is held annually in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but during the colder months the company brings its series south for a pair of events dedicated to all things automotive and more.
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Event: Fall Florida AutoFest 2015

Fun in the Sun

Carlisle Events brings an auction, a car show, and much more to Florida

By Steve Turner

Most SVTP readers are familiar with the Carlisle Ford Nationals held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is but one of many automotive events hosted by Carlisle Events in its hometown. However, back in 2013 the event company expanded into Florida hosting an auction and show in Zephyrhills, Florida (you’ve probably had the water from this town). The events were so successful they outgrew the facility, and this year company moved to the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, which is best known for hosting the Sun ’N Fun, the second largest airplane fly-in gathering of its kind.
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