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Event: 9/11 Patriot Run 2016

Hero Cars

More than 125 Mustangs participated in the 13th annual charity cruise

By Steve Turner

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the nation came together as one in support of those lost and the first responders that saved as many people as they could. At the time the nation vowed to never forget and at the same time we were encouraged to go on with our lives so the terrorists wouldn’t win. Life has definitely moved on, but Americans have not forgotten.
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Event: AmericanMuscle.com Car Show 2016

Showing Off

The online giant’s annual car show draws over 1,700 Mustangs

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of American Muscle

If you have modified your modern Mustang, odds are you have purchased something from AmericanMuscle.com. Born of the S197 era, this company quickly grew into an online superstore for all things to modify your Mustangs. To celebrate its customers the company began hosting a car show and that soon outgrew its venue and moved to the storied Maple Grove Raceway. This year’s eighth-annual event took place on August 13.
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News: 2016 Shelby GT350 Tour

Tour of Duty

A Shelby GT350 travels the country to raise money for wounded veterans

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of the High Five Tour

How cool would it be to take a new on a four-month, cross-country drive? How about doing it in a new Shelby? That would be the trip of a lifetime and this GT350 is making such at trip. It’s not a pleasure trip, however, it’s for a great cause and the patriotic pony will be covered in signatures and messages to deliver a positive message along the way.
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Event: Mustang Week 2016, Day 5

Hot in the Shade

The event of the week arrived as the car show packed Myrtle Beach Mall

By Steve Turner

If there’s a downside to Mustang Week, it’s the searing July temperatures, but the only thing that burned hotter than the sun on Friday was the passion for Ford’s pony car at the annual Mustang Week car show sponsored by the enthusiasts at Late Model Restoration.
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News: SVTP Mustang Week 2016 Pizza Party

Party on Wheels

SVTPerformance presents the 3rd Annual Pizza at The Cruise-In

By SID297
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Mellow Mushroom

For our third annual Pizza at The Cruise-In at Mustang Week we’ve decided to try something a little different. Instead of slinging the Mellow Mushroom pizza on Tuesday after the Palace Theater Cruise-In, with help from our sponsors JLT Performance and MGW Shifters, we’ve decided to share some pie during the Mustang Week Car Show on Friday July 22nd.
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