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Father/Son Budget Cobra Build

SVT Power Play

Clean SN-95 with dead motor rescued.

By SID297

Just ask anyone who has talked future classics with me over a couple of beers, and they will tell you that I long believed that SN-95s will be the next popular project car.  For past 10 years or so the venerable Fox-Body has dominated the ground-up Mustang build market.  Alas, clean project Foxes are getting harder to find and more expensive to purchase if you do happen to luck-up on one.  However, if we skip one Mustang model ahead; clean SN-95 Mustangs (even SVT Cobras) can be had at bargain prices.

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Feature: Second Chance Cobra

Labor of Love

From scrap yard to salvation.

By SID297

Let’s face it, bringing a Classic (and to the SVT community the 1993 Cobra certainly fits that definition) back from the brink is simply the Lord’s work.  From the outside many see wrecked Fox body as nothing more than a quarter decade old hunk of scrap metal, but we know better; especially when it wears a snake on its front fenders.  This s a car that deserves better.  This is a car worth saving.  Luckily, SVTP Member Tony Garcia took on the mission of returning this badly wrecked Cobra to its former glory.

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Feature: Coyote-Powered Factory Five

Five by Five

This Cobra replica is powered by a modern 5.0 and tuned by VMP

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of VMP Performance

Cobra. This slithery snake packs an insane combination of lightweight and big power in a short-wheelbase roadster. The original Shelby-built machines are worth huge money, but if you want one of your own, there are several companies offering built-it-yourself roadsters that embody the spirit of the originals but offers the opportunity to inject them with modern muscle.
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New Product: Cobra T-Shirts

Snake Shirts

Supercharge your wardrobe with a new Cobra shirt from the SVTP Store

By SID297

The world of Ford performance is filled with iconic imagery. One of the most iconic images is the Cobra. It looks great on the side of a car, but just like horsepower, bigger is better. If you love Cobras, GT500s or just a fan of reptiles you can wear it loud and proud on your chest on this new shirt from the SVTP Store. Continue reading

Event: NMRA Bradenton 2016

On Point

The NMRA starts the 2016 season strong at Bradenton Motorsports Park

By Steve Turner

For those looking to get in shape for the beach, they say summer bodies are built in the winter. When it comes to racers, it’s true that winning cars are put together during those cold off-season months. Well, apparently, that’s also true for event series, as the National Mustang Racers Association definitely put together the right combo for a strong start to the season. Continue reading