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Behind the Scenes: The Finance Department

Dollars and Cents

The secrets behind auto financing.


Every dealership has a finance department; some are made up of a single individual, while others have a director or directors with several producers under each. Have you ever wondered why you are more or less herded to their office even if you are stroking a check for your newer vehicle?

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Info: What is Your Trade Really Worth?

Money Talks

Are you getting top dollar for your trade?

By SID297

For many people purchasing a new car is the one of the largest single purchases they will ever make, second only to buying a house.  With that much money on the line it’s only logical to be damn near obsessed with getting the best deal possible.  With the expansion of information available through various online resources it has become fairly easy to determine what is a reasonable sale price of that shiny new vehicle.  Where things tend to get a bit more complicated and mysterious to the average consumer is when it comes time to negotiate the trade-in value of their old car.

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Feature: Dealer-ProCharged Mustangs

Purveyors of Power

Sarasota Ford offers centrifugally supercharged S550s with warranties

By Steve Turner

Open the hood and there is the familiar whir of ProCharger gear drive under the hood of a 5.0-liter Mustang. Close the hood and there is but a hint of the sound. When cruising around, you might not know it was there until you jab your right foot to the floorboard and the rpm soars. There the high-winding boost and the free-revving Coyote join in a symphony of horsepower.
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News: 2016 Focus RS Dealer Drift

Special Delivery

Billy Johnson puts Lethal Performance’s RS in Drift Mode on the dealer lot

By Steve Turner

Regular readers know the last time Lethal Performance picked up a new project vehicle at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, Florida, that the company did so in smoking style. So, when Team Lethal got word that its 2016 Focus RS was on the way, the company hatched a plan to give the car’s infamous Drift Mode a test right there on the dealer lot.
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News: Ford Warranty Bulletin

Mod Squad

Ford put its dealers on alert to look out for warranty-voiding modifications

By Steve Turner

There has always been a delicate dance between Ford as a manufacturer selling vehicles with comprehensive warranties and the company that promotes the fun of performance vehicles. At the SEMA Show the spectacle is all about how cool it is to use these vehicles as a blank canvas for modifications. However, as cool as that is, you could be jeopardizing your warranty if you take part in the fun. Continue reading