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2018 F-150 Powerstroke Diesel – 250HP/440TQ/~30MPG

PSD Power

Diesel on deck for the 2018 F-150.

By SID297

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 8, 2018 – Full-size diesel truck fans have reason to celebrate this year as Ford – America’s truck sales leader – delivers the first-ever F-150 Power Stroke diesel with a targeted EPA-estimated 30 mpg highway rating, a best-in-class 11,400 pounds of towing capacity and 2,020 pounds of payload capacity, plus best-in-class diesel 250 horsepower and 440 lb.-ft. of torque.

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News: 2018 Ford F-150 Is Here – With a Diesel

Powerstroke Inside

2018 F-150 update more than skin deep.

By SID297

The fact that the 2018 F-150 was getting a 3.0 Powerstroke Diesel engine was the worst kept secret in the auto industry since the S550 Mustangs IRS.  Still, the updated F-150 has a lot of changes the Ford faithful should be very excited about.  Beyond the obvious new styling (which I think looks great), there are a host of powertrain updates.

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Video: Best Sounding V8 Engines

Auditory Stimulation

Internal combustion is best in high-fidelity.

By SID297

It’s a never ending debate; who makes the best sounding V8 engine.  Could it be the new Shelby GT350 Mustang, or perhaps a 40 year old Detroit Diesel 8V92?  Perhaps you have an affinity for small-displacement European V8s or an oddball 2-stroke Johnson Outboard boat engine?  It’s a topic that once broached can lead to hours clicking the next recommended video on YouTube.

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Road Trip: 2015 Kuga Titanium X Sport

Kuga Hunt

From London to Wales on the prowl for music in the United Kingdom

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Those that are familiar with this author’s predilections know that when I am not obsessing about cars, I am most likely obsessing about music. So, when the opportunity to see a handful of European bands that I love at one small festival in Northern Wales presented itself, I decided to make my first trip to the UK.
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